Dragon Quest Wars

Dragon Quest: Wars next month

And still is. Ha! Turn-based DSi multiplay.

Square Enix has announced an October release for DSiWare game Dragon Quest: Wars. And, as we know, it costs 500 DSi Points (approx. 5).

Square Enix unveils Dragon Quest Wars

Square Enix unveils Dragon Quest Wars

DSiWare game for Japan in June.

Square Enix has unveiled a DSiWare game called Dragon Quest Wars. It costs 500 Nintendo Points (roughly GBP 3.50 / EUR 5) and is due out across Japan in June.

Western plans are "TBC", a spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer.

DQ Wars is a two-player board game by Fire Emblem developer Intelligent System. Cartoon characters from the Dragon Quest series become the pieces and the game will be "easy to learn, difficult to master", according to 4Gamer (translated by Joystiq).

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