Dragon Quest Heroes II

Dragon Quest Heroes 2: Switch vs PlayStation 4

Digital FoundryDragon Quest Heroes 2: Switch vs PlayStation 4

Our first look at how Nintendo's console hybrid handles a multi-platform game.

Released alongside the Nintendo Switch in Japan last week, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 provides an interesting window into multi-platform development for Nintendo's new console. It's especially fascinating as the game is designed to support a wide range of hardware across multiple console generations. In addition to its appearance on Switch, the Square-Enix title is also available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, with a PC version scheduled for release somewhere down the line.

For this analysis, we grabbed the Switch demo from the Japanese eShop and were delighted to find that demos with very similar content are also available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, opening the door to some head-to-head comparisons. Alas, no PS3 demo is available, which may have given us further insight into how Switch's presentation and performance sit between the PlayStation console generations. However, as things stand, PS4 operates at 1080p, as does Switch in docked mode (dropping down to the handheld screen's native 720p when decoupled from your HDTV). For its part, the Vita version clocks in at the system's native 960x544.

Unfortunately, none of the versions offer much in the way of great texture filtering, but there are many visual differences between them worthy of comment. A very quick, cursory look at the game's visual make-up shows the Switch version holding up fairly well compared to the PlayStation 4 release, but look a little closer and the cutbacks made to accommodate Switch's mobile-orientated chipset start to become clear.

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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 gets Western PS4 release date

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 gets Western PS4 release date

Now with four-player online co-op.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will be released 28th April 2017 on PS4 in Europe, Square Enix has announced. It was released in Japan May 2016.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 repeats the one against many, Dynasty Warriors-style mayhem of the first game - but with the crucial addition of online four-player co-op. Two new heroes Lazarel and Teresa are available play.

Dragon Quest Heroes 1 arrived here 2015, all colourful and bombastic. But the move to action-RPG meant some Dynasty Warriors magic was lost along the way. "Omega Force may gain some new supporters to its cause," wrote Simon Parkin in his Dragon Quest Heroes review, "but something vital has been traded in the endeavour."

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VideoVideo: Sony conference roundup - Tokyo Games Show 2015

Aoife and Martin bring you the latest from Japan.

After dodging the limelight at this year's Gamescom, Sony finally gave us the press conference we were expecting back in August. Whether it was the conference we were hoping for, of course, is another matter entirely. Thankfully, in case you missed it, Aoife and Martin have gone over the biggest announcements and are ready to bring you up to speed.