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Western middleware powers the next chapter of a classic Japanese franchise.

It's been a long time coming but, at long last, we finally have a proper successor to the legendary Dragon Quest 8. The new Dragon Quest 11 is a big release not just for the series itself but also for future Square-Enix role playing games - it's one of the first in a line of big budget Japanese role-playing games to make the jump to Unreal Engine 4. Epic's middleware has become increasingly popular with Japanese developers, with the likes of Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake based on the technology - but Dragon Quest 11 is the first epic-scale project to hit the market. It's out now in Japan with a Western release to follow next year.

Dragon Quest 11 gets new gameplay, continues to look lovely

Square Enix Japan has put out a lovely new gameplay video for Dragon Quest 11.

The video, below, shows off field exploration on the PlayStation 4 version of the game. There's a bit of walking and some horse riding. Lovely!

The second half of the video shows off the inside of a town on the Nintendo 3DS version. It also looks lovely!

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Dragon Quest 11 coming to 3DS, PlayStation 4 - and the NX

UPDATE: Will it come west? "We will consider it as we've done in the past for other Dragon Quest titles," says Square.

UPDATE: Square Enix Europe has shared a statement with Eurogamer regarding whether Dragon Quest 11 will find its way west. "We don't have a concrete plan at the moment," it reads. "However, we will consider it as we've done in the past for other Dragon Quest titles. We don't have further information to share at the moment."