Dragon Quest 10

Key events

Dragon Quest 11 coming to 3DS, PlayStation 4 - and the NX

UPDATE: Will it come west? "We will consider it as we've done in the past for other Dragon Quest titles," says Square.

Dragon Quest 10 announced for 3DS in Japan

Cloud-streamed with a subscription fee.

Square Enix struggling to make money from its console games

It's an "increasingly difficult" market.

Wii MMO Dragon Quest 10 scales Japanese chart

Mario, Pokémon help 3DS outsell Vita by ratio of 10:1.

Dragon Quest 10 story details revealed

Create two siblings. Play as one of them.

Dragon Quest 10 and Final Fantasy 13-2 teams "swap notes"

Yuji Hori's influence visible in 13-2.

Fresh Dragon Quest 10 shots

Wii, Wii U role-player pictured.

VideoDragon Quest X teaser

Square Enix shows Wii U MMO.

New Dragon Quest 10 gameplay details

Is actually called Dragon Quest 10 Online.

Dragon Quest 10 is 6 years in the making

Work started right after DQ8.

Dragon Quest 10 causes bad stock shock

Sony and Square Enix lose investor faith.

VideoFirst Dragon Quest 10 footage

MMO revealed for Wii and Wii U.

Dragon Quest X confirmed for Wii U

An online RPG for Wii as well.

VideoDragon Quest Collection footage

Put a slime on your face.

Square Enix thinking about DQX Wii U

Technical investigations underway.

Dragon Quest X coming to Wii

Plus: DQ IX dated in Japan.