Dragon Age II Videos

VideoDragon Age II: Legacy DLC teased

Out next week on PC, PS3, Xbox 360.

Digital FoundryDragon Age II PS3/360 Combat Performance

Combat is the biggest challenge to DAII's engine...

Digital FoundryDragon Age II PS3/360 Cut-Scene Performance

Dragon Age II's exposition scenes compared using DF tools.

Digital FoundryDragon Age II PS3/360 Traversal Performance Analysis

Put simply, running about in Dragon Age II.

Digital FoundryDragon Age II 360/PS3 Face-Off

Console SKUs head-to-head in this comparison video.

Digital FoundryDragon Age II 360/PC Face-Off

Close similarities between 360 and the computer version.

Digital FoundryDragon Age II PS3/PC Face-Off

Console and computer versions head-to-head.

Video15 mins more of hours-in Dragon Age II

Down in a dank dark dungeon.

Video15 minutes of post-demo Dragon Age II

Introducing a brand new party member.

Digital FoundryDragon Age II 360/PS3 Demo Performance

Digital Foundry tools analyse BioWare's DAII sampler.

VideoFirst Dragon Age: Redemption footage

Starring an Elven Felicia Day.

VideoNew Dragon Age 2 trailer

Hawke's Battle techniques detailed.

VideoDead Space 2 meets Dragon Age 2

Arise, Sir Issac of Clarke.

VideoWhy DA2 has one playable character

BioWare talk Dragon Age 2 story.

VideoDragon Age II gets DLC reveal trailer

First add-on is The Exiled Prince.

VideoDragon Age 2 combat walkthrough

BioWare gets fired up.

VideoDev details making of Dragon Age 2

BioWare show behind the scenes footage.

VideoDev roars about Dragon Age 2

Latest diary with new footage.

VideoNew Dragon Age 2 trailer

BioWare shows off gameplay.

VideoDragon Age 2 revealed

Scaling new heights.