Broken Age

The second half of Double Fine's adventure offers more puzzles, lots of repetition and a muddled conclusion.


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Looks like Double Fine's Broken Age will finally launch for Xbox One

It looks like Double Fine's Broken Age is finally getting an Xbox One release.

The record-breaking Kickstarter game originally launched for PC, then PlayStation 4 and Vita, along with Ouya and mobile versions.

Today, the game has been rated for launch on Microsoft's console by PEGI, the European game ratings board, which has revealed similar release announcements in the past. (As spotted by the Xbox One reddit).

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Double Fine offers Broken Age Vita online bug workaround

Can't play the game offline? Try this.

Broken Age just launched on PS4 and Vita, only there's a problem with the handheld version where many folks are reporting that they can't play the game when offline. This is especially odd given that it's a single-player game. As it turns out, this is a bug. But Double Fine is aware of it, working on a fix, and has discovered a temporary workaround.

Broken Age Act 2 review

Broken Age Act 2 review

Breaking good?

Editor's note: Broken Age's second and final act is out this week. We reviewed the first act of Tim Schafer and Double Fine's return to adventure games early last year, and found it attractive but a little hollow. "Fans will be forgiven for expecting something a little more chewy, a little more experimental, from a developer who made his name by turning adventure games upside down," Dan Whitehead said in his review. Today, Dan returns to the second act to see what's changed. Be warned - spoilers and discussion for act one lay below.

It may not be the longest delay in gaming, but a 16-month cliffhanger is still a tough burden to drop on your players, even more so when the cliffhanger in question comes at a critical juncture in a narrative adventure. Such is the hurdle Double Fine has set itself with its fractured - or, yes, broken - development of Broken Age.

Back in January 2014, we left parallel heroes Vella and Shay as their storylines finally converged. Shay, raised alone in a stiflingly risk-free environment aboard a spaceship, had ventured beyond the cossetted routines laid out for him and discovered that his world wasn't everything he thought it was.

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Broken Age Act 2 release date set for April

Broken Age Act 2 release date set for April

PlayStation 4, Vita version due on same day.

Double Fine will launch the concluding half of adventure game Broken Age on 29th April in Europe.

A complete edition of the game, including Act 1 and Act 2, will launch as a Cross-Buy title for PlayStation 4 and Vita on the same date.

After this date, you won't be able to buy separate episodes on PC anymore - just the game in its entirety.

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Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition announced for PlayStation and PC

Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition announced for PlayStation and PC

Grim Fandango dated, Broken Age: Act 2 to release on PS4 and Steam simultaneously.

Day of the Tentacle is getting a remastered Special Edition for PS4, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux, Double Fine founder Tim Schafer announced at the PlayStation Experience keynote.

Schafer was the lead on the original game, so he and the fine folks at Double Fine will be handling this restoration.

Speaking of LucasArts classics getting remade by Double Fine, Grim Fandango Remastered is coming to PS4, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux on 27th January.

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Ouya to remove free trial requirement in April

Santiago explains Ouya's advantage over self-publishing on other consoles.

Ouya head of developer relations, Kellee Santiago, has confirmed that Ouya will be removing its requirement for devs to include a free demo for all titles on the console come April.

Broken Age: Act 1 review

Broken Age: Act 1 review

Teenage clicks.

Expectation is terrible thing. Its ugly sister, hype, is even worse. Broken Age, the first adventure game from genre pioneer Tim Schafer in 16 years, the game that blew open the doors for crowd-funded gaming, groans under these twin burdens.

Best, then, to just judge the game for what it is, separate from its inherited legacy and scrutinised production history. It's just that, under those criteria, what you find is a nice but largely unremarkable adventure game. It's a game that makes no terrible missteps, yet that's largely because it never attempts anything bold enough to risk landing flat on its face.

What you get is two stories in one, each following a frustrated young soul breaking free from parental and social constraints. Vella is on the verge of womanhood, and is due to be sacrificed to Mog Chothera, a gigantic monster, as part of a traditional festival known as the Maiden Feast that will keep the village of Sugar Bunting safe for another year. Everyone seems quite OK with this fate - even her parents, who are proud she's been chosen for such an honour. Only her crotchety grandfather, who still remembers when the townsfolk were feared warriors rather than pacifist bakers, kicks against this wilfully submissive stance. Vella, of course, opts to choose her own path and the bulk of her story involves finding a way to kill Mog Chothera.

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VideoWatch us play the first hour of Broken Age

Tim Schafer's return to adventure is here and streaming from 5pm.

The first wave of Kickstarter-backed games is hitting right now - games like the beautiful Banner Saga - and among them is the one game that really got the ball rolling: Broken Age.

Broken Age to receive its finished public release in a fortnight

Will cost $25 for a season pass. New trailer released.

Double Fine's massively successful Kickstarter-funded point-and-click adventure Broken Age is out today for backers, but don't despair if you missed out, as the finished public release of Broken Age: Episode One is slated to come out on 28th January on PC, Mac and Linux.

Broken Age Episode One releases for backers on Tuesday

Schafer's first adventure game in 16 years.

The first half of Double Fine's long-awaited Kickstarter-funded point-and-click adventure Broken Age is coming to backers on 14th January. [Editor's note: We originally reported that it was coming to Early Access then. We apologise for the error.]

Broken Age to feature Jack Black and Jennifer Hale

As Harm'ny Lightbeard, lifter of clouds, and Mom, respectively.

Double Fine has revealed that Tenacious D frontman Jack Black and Jennifer Hale (FemShep from Mass Effect) will be joining the cast of Broken Age, aka The Game Previously Known as Double Fine Adventure.

Double Fine's Adventure game Broken Age teased in first trailer

Double Fine's Adventure game Broken Age teased in first trailer

Kick start your morning with new footage.

Double Fine's upcoming point-and-click adventure Broken Age has been teased in a haunting new trailer that shows off the game's hand-crafted visual style.

Broken Age will see two characters' worlds collide: a boy from the future who lives on a spaceship, and a girl from a whimsical fantasy village. Each lead parallel lives, initially unaware of one another.

Broken Age was announced as the final name for the Double Fine Adventure project this week. It was successfully Kickstarted last year with a record breaking $3.45 million.

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Double Fine Adventure called Broken Age, new story details revealed

Double Fine Adventure is called Broken Age.

Developer Double Fine launched the official website for its crowd-funded point and click adventure today.

Broken Age tells the story of a young boy and girl who lead parallel lives. The girl is to be sacrifced to a sea monster by her village, but fights back. The boy lives on a spaceship under the care of a motherly computer, but wants to go off on an adventure. The player switches between the two characters during the game.

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What a year Kickstarter had in 2012

How many game ideas do you think were pitched?

What a year Kickstarter had in 2012. Tim Schafer's Double Fine kicked the crowd-funding website into orbit back in March, raising more than $3 million to make an old-school adventure game.

Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter total tops $3.3m

Final tally is eight times more than original request.

Double Fine's Kickstarter initiative to crowdfund a new 2D graphic adventure has come to a close, with Tim Schafer's studio raising a whopping $3,335,355 in just over a month.

Saturday Soapbox: Why Everyone Is Amazing

Devs and gamers are united, and there can be only one winner: everyone!

These are angry times. The interconnected world is plaiting the lunatic fringes into a sort of consistently annoying haircut (a skinhead, in this case), Argentina is hacked off because the United Kingdom has sent a piddly little nuclear destroyer to paddle around the Falklands, nobody seems to have any money but do enjoy that 1.5 per cent pay rise that doesn't come close to inflation, and - perhaps most importantly - the fine art of dubstep is being sullied by its unwelcome proliferation across supermarket aisles and game trailers.