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Few video game protagonists are as iconic as the Doom Marine, which is kind of odd as we only see the first-person shooter hero's body illustrated on the game's cover. But it's an amazing cover, one etched in all of our collective minds as the pinnacle of early 90s heavy metal action. What we didn't know, until now, is that that guy was modelled after Doom's lead designer, John Romero.

Brutal Doom 64 mod will launch next week

Brutal Doom 64 mod will launch next week

Adds new lighting, gore, animations, enemies and more.

Acclaimed Doom modder Sergeant_Mark_IV, the person behind popular mod Brutal Doom, is releasing their upgraded version of Doom 64, Brutal Doom 64, next week on 30th October.

This PC mod will outfit Doom 64 with new special effects, particles, lightning, gore, sounds, weapon animations, enemies and cut content from Midway's 1997 spin-off. You can see how this enhanced fan remake looks in the trailer below:

Next week's release will be an early version of Brutal Doom 64, as more content will be added. The release next week will contain all 32 levels from the original game, but Sergeant_Mark_IV will still add enemies like Chaingunguy, Revenant and Mastermind in later versions. Enemies Archvile and Hellhound are planned too.

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Carmack wants Rage iPhone game

He's busy working on Doom 4 these days.

id Software's John Carmack has said he hopes to do a Rage game for iPhone, and spoken a little more about the developer's plans for the Apple format.

Doom Classic launches on iPhone

Doom Classic launches on iPhone

Thy cash consumed.

id Software has finally released Doom Classic for the iPhone. You can grab it now for 3.99.

Not to be confused with Doom Resurrection, Doom Classic is the original PC first-person shooter reborn with several control schemes and all four original episodes for a total of 36 levels.

It also supports wireless multiplayer for up to four people.

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id iPhone game every other month

Carmack talks up his pet project.

John Carmack has told QuakeCon he believes id Software can release a new iPhone game "every other month" and given examples of the three product lines he envisages.

Carmack: Software holding back iPhone

But he's going to tell Apple what's what.

Id Software's John Carmack has said that the powerful iPhone is being held back by "software inefficiencies", and that he will soon meet with Apple to advise them on ways to improve the system as a games platform.

Doom iPhone submission next month

Carmack says it's going very well.

Id Software coding supremo John Carmack has said work is going well on Doom Classic for iPhone and he wants to submit it to the App Store next month.