Donkey Kong News

Father mods Donkey Kong so his daughter can play as Pauline rescuing Mario

After Super Mario Bros. 2 a three year old girl couldn't understand why she couldn't play as the princess in Donkey Kong.

Last year a man won the "father of the year" award in the hearts of many a gamer when he changed all the pronouns in Wind Waker to transform the androgynous-looking Link into a girl so his daughter would have a positive female role model. This year another father has followed suit by reskinning Donkey Kong protagonist Jumpman (aka Mario before he was Mario) into Princess Pauline, while the moustachioed carpenter is now the dude-in-distress.

Plastic surgeon snatches back DK record

King of Kong dethroned.

New York plastic surgeon Dr Hank Chien has taken back the Donkey Kong high score world record from Steve Wiebe the gritty everyman hero of awesome 2007 documentary King of Kong.