Donkey Kong Jungle Climber

And another thing: I hate the way the sun always gets in my eyes in winter. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against me; it did last night when I glided unaware through some dog mess. Got right in the tread. Will probably need a toothbrush to get that out - I hope my flatmate doesn't mind. Still, when you run yourself a hot bath and sink into a cosy bed you can almost forgive the biting cold and animals - escaping the winter is what makes it memorable.

Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber

Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber

Gorillas in the fist.

Like King of Swing before it, Jungle Climber is a Donkey Kong platform game where you use your hands instead of your feet. It's taken them 25 years to think of that, which makes you wonder what else we're missing. Like, why isn't there a FIFA where you can play as a referee, or a Sonic game where you can get run over by a lorry?

In Jungle Climber's case, it's worked out very well. You use the left and right shoulder buttons to grab pegs with Donkey's left and right mitts, and when he's got hold of one he swings around it leading with his free hand. This allows you to launch yourself around the jungle like Tarzan, who is surely overdue for some sort of parkour royalty cheque anyway.

The strength of the controls' implementation is evident from the fact it takes less than half an hour to really get the hang of playing like this after decades of concentrating on your feet instead. And it has plenty of fringe benefits. For instance, if you lose purchase and start to tumble, you can reach out and grab something to check your descent.

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