Donkey Kong Country 3

Donkey Kong Country 3

Donkey Kong Country 3

More tales of equine-simian woe.

In a week when Rare is under the microscope for entirely different reasons, stepping back three generations to play one of its old hits felt like a bizarre assignment. Would we be left pining for the good old days when the Brit studio was untouchable, peerless, and enigmatic? Would we brush the tears from our dewy eyes longing for the days when almost everything it touched was pure gaming gold and could push every platform it worked with to previously unimaginable heights? Or would our illusions be shattered at just how far games have moved on and realise that, actually it's just another 16-bit port cash cow for Nintendo to earn a bit of free money out of?

All of the above, really.

There's no doubting DKC's impact on the SNES scene during its latter days, delivering visuals that left most gamers agog at what Rare had achieved with the 16-bit machine when the series debuted in 1993. It could even get away with releasing (roughly) the same game three times over and get people to part with the kind of cash that would make grown men cry a decade on.

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