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DmC: Definitive Edition details Vergil's Bloody Palace

DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition has detailed the new Vergil's Bloody Palace addition to this remastered version of Ninja Theory's hack-and-slash spectacular.

Fans of the series will recall that Bloody Palace is a lengthy multi-wave combat arena. This Vergil-themed version allows you to play as Dante's blue-clad brother, but there's been another alteration to the formula: Vergil's Bloody Palace will start out notably more difficult than its Dante-based brethren.

As detailed by Ninja Theory communications manager Dominic Matthews on the PlayStation Blog, Vergil's Bloody Palace will begin on Nephilim difficulty - the middle of five difficulty tiers - and only get harder from there. Dante's, by comparison, began at the very easy Human level.

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Ninja Theory confirms it'll keep making console games

Ninja Theory confirms it'll keep making console games

After reports indicated Enslaved dev intended to switch fully to mobile.

Enslaved developer Ninja Theory has confirmed it will stick with console development after reports published today suggested it planned to switch fully to mobile.

Ninja Theory boss Tameem Antoniades was reported to have told an audience at the recent Slush business conference in Helsinki that the developer "is heading entirely for mobile".

"The AAA games console model is a little bit broken," reads a direct quote on Edge.

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Capcom may shed half its European staff

Continental belts tightened as core titles underperform.

Capcom is preparing to slash its European operation by more than half, according to the UK trade magazine MCV. "More than half of the European arm faces redundancy, with a number of jobs set to merge," reads the report.

Capcom reduces Devil May Cry sales target by 800k

Capcom reduces Devil May Cry sales target by 800k

Ships one million copies to shops.

Capcom has reduced its sales target for Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot.

It had hoped to ship two million copies of the action game by the end of its financial year. It now expects to ship 1.2 million copies - 800,000 short of the initial target.

As of January 2013, one million copies had been shipped.

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DmC sells less than half of what DMC4 did in Japan

DmC sells less than half of what DMC4 did in Japan

But still tops the charts, just as it did in the UK.

DmC Devil May Cry has sold less than half of what its predecessor, DMC4, did upon its launch week in Japan five years ago. While a critical success, DmC marks the first time a western developer - in this case Ninja Theory - has taken the reins on the blockbuster action series.

Despite not living up to its predecessor sales-wise, DmC still topped this week's sales chart in Japan.

According to Media Create, Ninja Theory's reboot shifted 110,429 copies on PS3, while its 360 version didn't even crack the top 20, so it must have sold less than Pokemon Black & White 2's 5,724. Comparatively, DMC4 sold 205,390 on PS3 and 40,023 on Xbox 360 in its debut week for a grand total of 245, 513.

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DmC gets vintage Dante and other skins as DLC

UPDATE: Priced and dated for Europe. Not in a million years, eh?

Update: The new DmC skins will be released in Europe on 30th January and in North America the previous day on PSN and Xbox Live. The pack containing, "Classic Dante," "Dark Dante," and "Neo Dante" will be priced at 3.19 / €3.99 / $4.00 / 320 Microsoft points.

UK chart: DmC Devil May Cry launch sales are just a third of Devil May Cry 4's

Launch week sales for DmC Devil May Cry were just a third of the amount that previous entry Devil May Cry 4 sold during its launch week in 2008.

That's despite DmC having an extra three days on sale - it launched last Tuesday, compared to Devil May Cry 4's Friday launch, the traditional day that new video games hit shop shelves in the UK.

DmC still made the top spot, however - the first time Capcom has gained pole position since the launch of Resident Evil 5, almost four years ago.

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Original DMC creator a fan of the reboot

"DmC is a very unique title, and I honestly hope that people enjoy it."

Ever wonder what Hideki Kamiya, director of Devil May Cry and Okami, thinks of the new western developed reboot of his beloved hack-and-shoot series? Well, as it turns out, he likes it.

Devil May Cry Bloody Palace mode comes with post-launch title update

Devil May Cry will get the Bloody Palace mode with a post-launch title update, Capcom has announced.

The title update will be released “very shortly” after the game comes out next week, Capcom said.

Bloody Palace mode, which DmC fans will know from previous games in the action series, is a survival gauntlet with over 100 levels and five hard as nails bosses. To access it and compete on the global leaderboards you need to download the update and complete the game once.

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Pre-order DmC on Steam and get DMCs 3 and 4 for an extra 10

Or get a pendant for pre-ordering on a console in the US.

Pre-ordering Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot on Steam just got more enticing as Capcom has added the option to pre-purchase the DmC Complete Pack that includes DMC3: Special Edition and DMC4. This collection costs 39.99, only 10 more than just buying the reboot.

Play as Dante's twin brother in DmC's post launch DLC Vergil's Downfall

Capcom has announced that it will release post launch DLC for Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot that allows you to play as Dante's twin brother Vergil.

Priced at 720 MS Points / 7.29 / €8.99, the DLC entitled Vergil's Downfall will contain hours of new gameplay, four difficulty levels and an all new storyline with unique enemies, locations, weapons and combos.

Those familiar with the Devil May Cry franchise will recall that Vergil was one of the series' main antagonists. Early trailers have suggested an alliance between the brothers, so ostensibly this DLC will cover their falling out.

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EGXDmC and Remember Me developer sessions at Eurogamer Expo

Ninja Theory and DONTNOD walk attendees through upcoming games.

We're filling out even more of the Eurogamer Expo developer sessions schedule today with the news that both DmC: Devil May Cry and Remember Me will be presented to attendees by their respective creators.

Capcom unveils Vergil for DMC

Capcom unveils Vergil for DMC

Better the devil you know.

Capcom's announced that Vergil, Dante's twin brother, will be making an appearance in Ninja Theory's reboot of the action series.

Vergil first made an appearance in Devil May Cry 3, and was a playable character in the Special Edition. There's no news yet on whether he'll be playable in the forthcoming game.

The announcement headed up a striking showing for DMC, which climaxed with an extended hands-off session that had Dante heading into a stylized news studio and then fighting a thinly disguised take on notorious US anchor Bill O'Reilly.

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EGXResident Evil 6, DmC and Lost Planet 3 playable at Eurogamer Expo 2012

In addition to Assassin's Creed 3, announced last week. Loads more to come!

It's getting realer! (It's that a thing, actually? 'Realer'? Well, whatever.) Today we're announcing that Resident Evil 6, DmC: Devil May Cry and Lost Planet 3 will all be playable at this year's Eurogamer Expo, taking place at London's Earls Court from 27th-30th September.

DmC Devil May Cry release date announced

DmC Devil May Cry release date announced

Plus, PC version confirmed.

DmC Devil May Cry launches in both Europe and the US on 15th January next year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, publisher Capcom has announced.

A PC version of the game will then arrive "later in 2013".

As revealed earlier this month, Capcom is hoping that the Ninja Theory-developed effort will sell around two million copies worldwide.

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Chancellor George Osborne confirms UK video games tax credits

Chancellor George Osborne confirms UK video games tax credits

UPDATE: UK game developers welcome decision.

Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed the introduction of tax credits for the UK video game industry.

In his Budget 2012 speech, the Chancellor of the Exchequer said tax credits will "support our brilliant video games and animations industries". The Government is yet to announce details of the relief, however, but we do know the plan is to have it begin from April 2013.

UK lobby groups such as Tiga have long called for tax breaks to help boost the industry on these shores. The lack of tax credits have been blamed for an "exodus" of game development talent abroad.

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Capcom, Ninja Theory on DmC versus Bayonetta

"You always want to go out there and beat your competitor."

Capcom and developer Ninja Theory have outlined the difference between the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot and Bayonetta - but admitted in some areas the games are "squarely competing".

Triple-A games are "crushing innovation"

"Not healthy", says DMC dev Ninja Theory.

The business of making multi-million pound, triple-A, blockbuster video games is "not healthy" and are "crushing innovation", reckons Ninja Theory (DMC, Enslaved, Heavenly Sword).

DMC sceptics "secretly want to like it"

"It will feel like a proper Devil May Cry."

Capcom and Ninja Theory have presented a united front and promised that, in the wake of a fan backlash, the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot will still "feel" and "work" like old Devil May Cry games.

SFxT, Dragon's Dogma sales expectations

SFxT, Dragon's Dogma sales expectations

REORC, Dead Rising 2 OTR, too.

Capcom has high hopes for its upcoming games.

It's projected big sales for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, Street Fighter x Tekken, Dragon's Dogma and Dead Rising 2 Off the Record.

Third-person co-op and competitive shooter Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City will shift 2.5 million units worldwide, Capcom reckons.

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Capcom planned Dante controversy

Publisher has no plans to tweak design.

Capcom has admitted to deliberately courting controversy with Dante's much-maligned new look in its recently announced Devil May Cry prequel.

Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry confirmed

Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry confirmed

Features "dark and brutal gameplay".

Capcom's formally announced the rumoured Ninja Theory-developed Devil May Cry game, titled DmC, at the Tokyo Game Show.

DmC is in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Capcom head honcho Keiji Inafune said it was too early to talk about a release date.

"From its debut on PlayStation 2 in 2001, the Devil May Cry series has been synonymous with stylish action, rewarding combat and a brash, smart-talking protagonist," reads the official blurb.

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