DJ Hero 2 News

DJ Hero devs form new studio

Debut game hits App Store next week.

A number of Freestyle Games staff have jumped ship from the Activision-owned DJ Hero studio and set up on their own.

Confirmed: DJ Hero dev Freestyle saved

Confirmed: DJ Hero dev Freestyle saved

75 staff working on secret project.

DJ Hero developer Freestyle Games has escaped the Activision chop.

The UK studio is now working on a secret project described to Eurogamer as "very, very exciting".

"Over the past three months we have examined a number of options for our studio's future with Activision," creative director Jamie Jackson said.

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New DJ Hero 2 DLC announced

New DJ Hero 2 DLC announced

Indie Hip Hop pack detailed.

The next round of DJ Hero 2 DLC brings a bevy of indie hip hop names to the mixing desk, publisher Activision has announced.

Alas, that doesn't mean DMX spitting rhymes over a choice Belle & Sebastian cut. Instead, underground hip hoppers Jaylib, RJD2 and Atmosphere are the order of the day. Here's what's on offer:

"My World Premiere" by Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf Mixed With "The Red (Instrumental)" by Jaylib

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DJ Hero dev's fate still undecided

"We hope to have more news soon."

The fate of DJ Hero developer FreeStyleGames remains undecided as Activision continues to make good on its promise to cull 500 jobs from its business.

DJ Hero 2 DLC announced

DJ Hero 2 DLC announced

Better to burn out than to fade away.

Activision has announced the launch of downloadable tracks for Freestyle Games' superb music game DJ Hero 2.

The announcement comes a week after Activision revealed plans to close its Guitar hero business following appalling sales of the once all-conquering franchise.

The Pendulum Mix Pack, which contains three tracks by the Australian electronic rockers' new album Immersion, is available to download now.

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Why Guitar Hero died

"The brand lost its relevance."

As the dust settles on Activision's decision to put an end to its world-famous peripheral-based music franchise Guitar Hero and the difficult work of sacking those who helped create it begins, one question remains: where did it all go wrong?

Activision closes 7 Studios

DJ Hero support studio canned.

The bodycount from Activision's house-cleaning exercise yesterday continues to mount up, with LA-based 7 Studios the latest confirmed dead.

What next for Guitar Hero DLC?

The day the music died.

Last night Eurogamer broke the news that Activision had closed its Guitar Hero business, effectively killing the music game after five years of groundbreaking success.

Activision kills Guitar Hero

Layoffs at DJ Hero dev, True Crime cancelled.

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that layoffs have also hit the Activision-owned developer Vicarious Visions. Developer Manveer Heir tweeted this evening to say, "Ugh sorry to hear about the Vicarious Visions layoffs today after Guitar Hero canceled. Shitty. Sounds like Freestyle (DJ Hero) got hit too."

DJ Hero 2 gets trance DLC

Glowsticks not included.

New DJ Hero 2 DLC adds in a trio of trance mixes from genre heavyweights like Armin van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold.

DJ Hero 2 DLC announced

DJ Hero 2 DLC announced

Three downloadable Mix Packs revealed.

Activision's detailed three new downloadable mix packs for DJ Hero 2, one of which is out now.

The Hard Edge Mix Pack includes Pixies' "Debaser" mixed with The Prodigy's "Invaders Must Die", and Beastie Boys' "Body Movin'" mixed with Lenny Kravitz' "Rock And Roll Is Dead". That's out today.

On 14th December the Old Skool Mix Pack will release. It includes Fat Boys' "Human Beat Box" mixed with Mantronix' "King of the Beats", Tag Team's "Whoomp! (There It Is)" mixed with 45 King's "The 900 Number", and Beastie Boys' "Triple Trouble" mixed with Tone-Lōc's "Funky Cold Medina".

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Hero franchise will return in 2011

Activision not put off by falling sales.

The Hero franchise will be back in 2011, Activision has confirmed, despite dismal sales of both Guitar Hero: Warrior of Rock and DJ Hero 2.

Practice DJ Hero 2 online now

My score is better than yours.

How can you try DJ Hero 2 without a turntable peripheral and a console? By going to the DJ Hero website on your PC and playing a specially crafted mini-game. That's how.

DJ Hero 2 leads PSN Store dash

MW2 DLC cheapened as MOH gets near.

A DJ Hero 2 demo is the most interesting piece of content added to the PlayStation Store today. Will the full game be any good? Should be, the first one was. Does anyone care? Can't say, but this could be the last attempt if the answer is no.

DJ Hero 2 setlist confirmed

DJ Hero 2 setlist confirmed

Activision reveals all 83 mash-ups.

The final tracklisting for DJ Hero 2 has slipped out of Activision HQ. Kanye West, DJ Shadow, Tiesto and RZA feature prominently.

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan thoroughly enjoyed fiddling with DJ Hero 2's knobs when he went hands-on in June.

FreeStyleGames' sequel arrives on 22nd October in a number of different shapes and sizes. You can grab the game on its own, in a bundle with one turntable (99.99) or as a party pack with two turntables and a mic (149.99).

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DJ Hero 2 song list revealed

The 105 tunes making up the mixes.

Activision has unveiled the list of "105 speaker-blaring tracks and club-shaking anthems that will be transformed into over 80 unique mixes" for DJ Hero 2.

Activision confirms new DJ Hero game

Activision confirms new DJ Hero game

Begins campaign for "undiscovered" talent.

Activision's confirmed "a future instalment" in the DJ Hero series, but stopped short of adding a number two to the name.

"Do you want your song mashed up in the next DJ Hero?" Activision asked musicians attending the huge MIDEM music show in Cannes, France later this month.

Those that do will have their submissions judged at a Listening Session at MIDEM on 27th January - "providing one lucky undiscovered musician the priceless opportunity to have their winning song mixed, mastered and featured in a future instalment of DJ Hero".

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