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VideoWatch: Three days with The Division

Thoughts so far from the video team.

The end is in sight for the first week of what Ubisoft hopes, I'm sure, will be a long journey for a lot of people. I'm talking of course, about The Division, which this week has both proven to be Ubisoft's biggest launch and not without its problems.

Tom Clancy's The Division is a strange beast. On one hand, it's a really fun cover based shooter; on the other, it looks like it ought to be populated exclusively by Liam Neesons. While the loot system is pleasingly comprehensive, there's something about The Division's realistic setting that renders the loot itself a bit, well, dull.

Watch us play The Division open beta live

VideoWatch us play The Division open beta live

Infectious gameplay with Ian and Tom from 3.30pm UK.

The Division is back in beta and this time everyone can take part.

Ubisoft's open world looter and shooter now has more things to see and do - so we're suiting up for an adventure in its infected New York.

Join Ian "Greetings gamers!" Higton and myself from 3.30pm UK time for a tour of The Division's new story mission, plus a look at what else you can expect in the beta this weekend.

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Watch: Are betas beneficial for players?

VideoWatch: Are betas beneficial for players?

It's this week's Eurogamer Show.

The closed beta for The Division has gone live, letting players close car doors and look at digital dogs to their hearts' content. With the game so close to launch though, is the beta really a meaningful test exercise for Ubisoft, or is it simply another marketing beat?

Aoife and I sat down to address this very question (and show off my lovely new haircut) in this week's Eurogamer Show. Let me know what you think of my lovely new haircut in the comments below. Share your thoughts on video game betas too, I guess.

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VideoWatch: Tom Clancy's The Division - E3 2013 vs now.

Tom Clancy's The Graphics Comparison.

Tom Clancy's The Division feels like it's been in development for a long time, mainly due to the fact it has been in development for a long time. With just two months until publication, Martin spent some time with The Division to see how it holds up (and work out what you actually do).

Some fantastic games came out in 2015. Unfortunately, quite a few (hopefully) fantastic games didn't come out in 2015. With the likes of The Legend of Zelda Wii U, Tom Clancy's the Division and Uncharted 4 all pushed back into 2016, I decided to take a look at some of the upcoming games we really ought to own by now.