The Division

Smart, stupid and scrappy, The Division is an ambitious online RPG that delivers strategy and spectacle in equal measure.


Ubisoft's original The Division is currently free to download and keep on PC

Plus DLC and season pass discounts until next week.

Xbox Game Pass adds Fallout 4, The Division and Elder Scrolls Online

Plus Halo Master Chief Collection later this year.

Digital Foundry | The Division delivers another powerhouse upgrade for Xbox One X

A huge resolution boost over PS4 Pro with other improvements too.

The Division 2 details leak online ahead of announcement

Sequel to launch after further updates to Division 1.

The Division update 1.7 adds global events and loot boxes

Reworks gear, adds face masks, lets you change your face.

There's good news and bad news on The Division year two

Two free expansions, but story missions sound unlikely.

The Division movie now has a director

And not a bad one, either.

The Division's next big expansion is coming to PS4 and Xbox One at the same time

Last Stand buffs up the PvP in Ubisoft's open world shooter.

Best-selling Steam games of 2016 revealed

Mix of old and new, big and small.

Big changes are coming to The Division

Ubisoft wants to bring back "the shooter feeling".

Ubisoft wards off Vivendi by nominating two new board members

Hostile takeover defense force initiated.

Big Xbox summer sale kicks off tomorrow

The Division! The Witcher 3! Halo 5! More!

The Division will now permanently ban cheaters on a first offense

"Our 14 days suspension on first offense policy has not been dissuasive enough."

The Division fixes a major bug in today's big Conflict update

Patch 1.2 also brings new Incursion, Dark Zone loot hijacking.

The Division PC would need "complete rewrite" to combat hacks

Reckons a veteran video game networking expert.

Feature | The Division's big Incursion update has got off to a very rough start

Deleted characters, faulty matchmaking - is Falcon Lost really worth the trouble?

The Division's huge new update detailed in full

Adds Gear Score, gear sets and bounty-like assignments.

The Division's first raid detailed

Big update due 12th April - the same day as Destiny's.

Tom Clancy's The Division - How to build the best loadout for solo and co-op play

Choosing the right equipment for whatever job you have at hand.

Tom Clancy's The Division walkthrough

A walkthrough for every mission currently available in the game.

Tom Clancy's The Division - How the end-game works

Our guide continues with a look at all the end-game activities.

Tom Clancy's The Division - How to beat all of the side missions in the game

Our guide continues with a look at all of the side mission formats.

Tom Clancy's The Division - General Assembly strategy

How to beat one of the toughest fights in The Division.

Tom Clancy's The Division - Crafting, blueprints, materials and more

Our introductory guide to crafting in the game.

Tom Clancy's The Division - How to level up fast and earn more XP

Our guide to hitting the level cap as quickly as possible.

Tom Clancy's The Division - Base of Operations, Wings and Vendors

How to upgrade and profit from your Base of Operations.

Tom Clancy's The Division - Beginner's tips, skill trees, zones and enemy types

Our beginner's guide to the systems and zones of Tom Clancy's The Division.

Tom Clancy's The Division guide

Our essential guide to Ubisoft's loot-stuffed shooter.

The Division director joins Hitman developer Io-Interactive

Will lead teams focusing on "gameplay, online and world".

The Division's first big update looks to fix the Dark Zone

Rewards for going Rogue tweaked, plenty more fixes detailed.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: The Division

PC takes point in Digital Foundry's three-way analysis.

The Division claims fastest-selling new games IP crown

Topples even Destiny's five-day record.

Feature | In Play: The trouble with building games to last

Hitman, The Division, and video games' war with time.

Video | Watch: Three days with The Division

Thoughts so far from the video team.

The Division players are queuing to use a laptop

UPDATE: Patch issued - line it up now.

Feature | The Division is scrappy, but utterly engrossing

First thoughts on Ubisoft's ambitious open world shooter.

Check out Ubisoft Manhattan in The Division

After the fall all that will survive is cockroaches and Ubisoft.

The Division's first two paid expansions have 30-day Xbox exclusivity

But the third one launches simultaneously on all platforms.

Ubisoft fights hostile takeover bid from Vivendi

Guillemot ropes in Canadian PM, investors to help create "a good defence".

Video | Watch us play The Division open beta live

Infectious gameplay with Ian and Tom from 3.30pm UK.

What's new in The Division open beta

Subway morgue mission! New faction! More!

The Division open beta available for early download now

Nab the 26GB client before doors open.

The Division open beta dates, details

Expands on closed beta with second story mission.

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: The Division on PC

How the PC code improves over console, and what it takes to run the game at 1080p60.

Digital Foundry | The Division on Xbox One uses dynamic resolution scaling

The beta version's image quality under the microscope.

Podcast | The Eurogamer Podcast

We talk XCOM 2, The Division beta and TRUCKS.

The Division beta PC players are giving themselves godlike powers

UPDATE: Ubisoft vows to thwart cheaters before the game comes out.

The Division beta rolls on for another night

Ubisoft extends testing period until 11am Tuesday.

Digital Foundry | Performance Analysis: The Division beta

A strong showing on consoles as Ubisoft Massive aim for platform parity.

The Division's post-release plans revealed

Includes three expansions and free content.

Feature | Killing crows and closing car doors

A clueless couple of hours with The Division beta.

Digital Foundry | The Division has graphics settings we're not used to seeing on console

UPDATE: Ubisoft Massive discuss further console settings that could improve performance.

Feature | Everything you need to know about The Division beta

Start times, PC specs and more ahead of the weekend's closed beta.

Tom Clancy's The Division PC specs detailed

Don't be left in the dark zone.

What The Division's world map does - and doesn't - include

Brooklyn not available at launch, despite being shown in trailers.

Feature | What you actually do in The Division

Two hours with the beta for Ubisoft's ambitious open world shooter.

The Division beta delayed from December to early 2016

But there's an Xbox One-exclusive closed alpha this week.

EGX 2015: The Division playable, $100k CS: GO tournament

New Assassin's and Rainbow Six are also Brum-bound.

The Division release date set for March

Beta later this year on Xbox One.

Feature | Xbox One gets exclusive The Division beta

Plus: Xbox One Rainbow Six: Siege comes with free Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2.

The Division set for an early 2016 release

Unannounced "triple-A title" teased for same window.

The Division pre-alpha footage leaks online

Ubisoft: "Not representative of the game's current quality."

Feature | Does The Division live up to its promise?

A first look proper reveals an exciting if familiar game.

The Division delayed until at least Q2 2015

"We don't want to compromise on quality."

The Division dev: Watch Dogs delay "an important message"

"If a choice between time and quality, quality will win."

The Division gets a developer just to build its weapons

Red Storm joins Ubisoft Reflections on Massive's upcoming open-world game.

Tom Clancy's The Division footage shown off

Ubisoft sprouts a new look at the Snowdrop engine.

Ubisoft quiet on The Division delay report

Hope the wait's not too Massive.

Feature | Outside Xbox investigates The Division

And Mike goes nuts for Forza Motorsport 5.

Author Tom Clancy dies, aged 66

Prolific writer whose work inspired dozens of games, passes away in Baltimore hospital.

Ubisoft confirms Tom Clancy's The Division for PC

Xbox One exclusive content announced, companion gaming detailed.

The Division to launch towards the end of 2014

Ubisoft expects Watch Dogs to sell over 6 million copies.

Feature | The Division: Massive by name...

The quiet Swedish studio breaks cover with a smart new wave MMO.

Feature | The next-generation will be open-world

Ubisoft and more on connected freedom.

Screenshots of Ubisoft's The Division

An Xbox One and PS4 game.