Distance introduces real horror to the racing genre

Early impressions of Refract's brilliantly subversive futuristic racer.

Progressing through Distance's neon-lit cityscapes, you slowly start to realise there's always been a little Lovecraftian horror tugging under the futuristic racing genre. Who was it exactly that got rid of those guard rails on the outer edges of F-Zero GX's Fire Field: Undulation? Which twisted architect cut the torturous path up WipEout's Sebenco Climb? And where have all the humans gone?

Creators of superb free racing game Nitronic Rush take to Kickstarter for follow-up

Devs go the distance with Distance. Endorsed by Cliff Bleszinski.

Last year a team of DigiPen students released the outrageously fun Tron-inspired Nitronic Rush. Set in a hyper-stylised neon world, you controlled an indomitable blue beast of a car capable of such maneuvers as boosting, jumping, flipping around, riding along walls and ceilings, as well as even flying. It can be downloaded here for absolutely free.