Disney Infinity News

Disney Infinity closure will render PC and mobile versions completely unplayable

Console versions to remain playable offline indefinitely.

Disney Infinity's demise blamed on mismanagement, inflated sales expectations - report

Two years worth of planned content detailed - now scrapped.

Disney Infinity cancelled, Avalanche Software shut down

Disney ceases console game publishing, roughly 300 jobs cut.

Disney Infinity is now free on Wii U

So Wii players can upgrade for the sequel at no additional cost.

Disney Infinity sequel is Marvel Super Heroes-themed

PlayStation base is backwards compatible, but the Xbox one isn't.

Disney Interactive lays off 700 staff

UPDATE: Disney Infinity and Fantasia: Music Evolved remain unaffected.

New Disney Infinity to feature Marvel, Star Wars?

Sightings and reports suggest so.

Disney Infinity delayed to late August

Disney hopes kids will return to school with one of the toys in their bags.

Disney Infinity's starter pack will cost $75

UPDATE: UK pricing, release date revealed.

Disney Infinity is a hugely ambitious multi-console, multi-game Skylanders-type thing

Buy figurines, gain access to various games, then unlock stuff in a giant toy box.