Disgaea - The Hour of Darkness

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Part 1: Games you really should try!

It's been a while since we've done one of these and, since each new console generation usually results in older hardware being passed on and great software going cheap, it seems like a good excuse to have another dig around in the archives for some of the PS2 games that never really got a fair deal. The games that were maybe too innovative to stand out in an industry increasingly devoted to predictable franchise-building. The games that were deemed too weird, or were sunk by poor marketing. This, then, is not a list of the greatest PS2 games ever made, even though several here certainly deserve that praise. Many more are solid 7/10 efforts that fell by the wayside. All are recommended for adventurous souls with a taste for the eclectic.

Disgaea coming to PSP

Is that Nippon Ichi in yer pocket?

Addictive, beautiful, complex and utterly insane strategy title Disgaea ranks as one of our favourite PS2 games of all time - but being a turn-based strategy game into which you can happily sink hundreds of hours, it's not quite so popular among the other people who might like to get to use the telly every now and then.