Disgaea 4


Disgaea 4 Review

The toy that never grew up.

VideoDisgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten trailer

Nippon Ichi role-player for PS3 this year.

VideoDisgaea 4 combat trailer

Launches 24th February in Japan.

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Crazy anime FMV for the RPG sequel.

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27th October 2011

Disgaea 4 Review

4th January 2011

Disgaea 4 combat trailer

21st September 2010

Disgaea 4 gameplay footage

Out This Week - 04/11/11

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Disgaea 4 Review

Disgaea 4 Review

The toy that never grew up.

Disgaea is about the obsession of two groups of people: Nippon Ichi's obsession with breaking the limits of the strategy RPG, and an audience equally obsessed with doing so. Role-playing shouldn't even be part of the description, really, unless you consider a detached observer of electronic numbers a role. The scientist prodding the rats, perhaps: the man who sends armies to the Item World.

Since its PS2 debut in 2003, Disgaea has changed little: its acolytes argue over the iterations, but no entry has truly diverged from the original's formula. Disgaea 4 is a little more but no less than expected: a new entry that (finally) gives an HD spruce to its gorgeous sprites, adds a dusting of online integration, and serves up the same experience. If it ain't broke, just fiddle with it.

This means that Disgaea 4 is more bewildering than ever for newcomers, and far too many of Disgaea's weird rules are left unexplained. It expects too much familiarity. The senate house is barely introduced, despite being key for upgrading shop items and creating new characters, and that attitude runs through the game: here we go again, and if you haven't played Disgaea before then tough luck, dood.

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