Disgaea 2

Koei tweaks PAL titles

Atelier Iris and Disgaea sequels. Plus, pre-order bonuses.

Koei has tweaked the content of the PAL version of Atelier Iris 2 based on feedback from Japanese and US audiences, and will include a Japanese voice option in Disgaea 2 as well.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

All games are essentially maths in fancy clothes.

Take Grand Theft Auto for a set question.

Scenario: You're sizing up to a drug baron. He's tall and broad chested which gives you a clue to his generous health allocation of 500 hit points. Each bullet you fire from your AK47 that successfully finds its target subtracts 10hp from him. Your gun fires bullets at a rate of three per second. You're pretty good at geometry laws so you estimate an average hit success rate of three in five bullets. You've already depleted his health by half.

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Koei doing Disgaea 2

For Europe. This autumn.

Koei's announced, not entirely surprisingly, that it will continue its mission to bring Nippon Ichi's brilliant Japanese games to Europe with Disgaea 2.

Disgaea 2 announced

Disgaea 2 announced

Complete with new characters.

Nippon-ichi Software is currently hard at work on a sequel to ace RPG Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, according to Dengeki PlayStation magazine.

Titled Makai Senki Disgaea 2, the game is set three years after the first instalment in the series and features all-new main characters. However, some of our old friends, including Etona and the Prinny penguins, will be back in supporting roles.

The hero is a 17 year old named Adel with ginger hair and a fiery temper who remains mysteriously unaffected by a strange curse, a curse which has turned everyone else in the world into devils.

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