Disc Drivin’

App of the Day: Disc Drivin'

App of the Day: Disc Drivin'

Flicking with friends.

I don't think I ever used the word 'asynchronous' before iOS took over the world, but it seems you can't escape it these days. What happened to good old 'takey-turny' multiplayer, eh? Why do we have to have a fancy new word for it? And while we're at it, what ever happened to 'skill' as a term of appreciation?

Of course, back in the day we didn't have games like Disc Drivin', so thank goodness for progress. It's a game where you compete with up to three online opponents - or seven if you're playing a pass-the-iPad game - across a number of courses with hairpins, bumps, boost pads, oil slicks, ramps and assorted other racing game clichés.

In truth, it should probably be called Disc Flickin', as there's not really much drivin' involved. For each turn, you drag your finger left and right to aim your circular vehicle, before swiping briskly upwards to propel it in the appropriate direction. It doesn't automatically follow the intended trajectory, however: if you don't keep your flicks straight, then you can find yourself veering off course. Most of the time you've got barriers on the sides of the track, but in some places the walls disappear and you're at risk of falling off and losing valuable ground on your rivals.

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