DiRT 3 Videos

VideoDiRT 3: Complete Edition trailer revealed

Exhaustive DLC-rich version out tomorrow.

Digital FoundryDiRT 3: OnLive/Xbox 360 Face-Off Video

Image quality comparison of Cloud vs. Console.

Digital FoundryDiRT 3 Performance: OnLive vs. Xbox 360 Video

OnLive demonstrates its frame-rate advantage.

VideoDiRT 3 Monte Carlo video

I Monaco there some time.

VideoKen Block drives for DiRT 3 trailer

Battersea in tilt-shift perspective.

Digital FoundryDiRT 3 Gameplay PS3/360 Performance Analysis

Xbox 360 enjoys a slight edge over its rival.

Digital FoundryDiRT 3 Replay PS3/360 Performance Analysis

A comparison of replays across several circuits.

Digital FoundryDiRT 3 Triple Format Face-Off

Superb visuals on both platforms from Codemasters.

Digital FoundryDiRT 3 Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

EGO engine hands in another very close comparison.

VideoDiRT 3 footage heads to Monaco

Just in time for the Grand Prix.

VideoThe EGTV Show: DiRT 3: Car vs. Console

Ken Block takes Eurogamer for a spin.

VideoDiRT 3 - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer takes a crash course.

VideoDirt 3 Group B rally footage

Codies shows stylish new trailer.

VideoExclusive DiRT 3 trailer shows realism

Drivers and devs talk physics, handling.

VideoDiRT 3 gets Gymkhana trailer

Conquer that car park.

VideoPre-alpha gameplay for DiRT 3

Looks right on track.

VideoDiRT 3 teaser trailer

See how the series weathers.

VideoCodemasters reveals DiRT 3

Boulder than before.