Diner Dash

Diner Dash

Diner Dash

Fast food.

Undress any good videogame, be it Crackdown, Chuckie Egg, Civilisation or Counter-Strike, and often what you're left with is basically Tetris.

Videogames might have ten thousand different faces and costumes to distinguish themselves from one another, but scratch off the scenario and the good ones all employ the same principles, logic, framework and tricks. We're made to search for patterns, clear obstacles, manipulate objects to progress and stave off inevitable failure for as long as possible. We've been sold the same meagre fistful of tasks and routines over and over across videogaming's short decades and genres.

When Jack Thompson and the medium's other shrill-with-affected-outrage opponents call all videogames evil or claim they're just for stupid people they instantly look silly. Anyone who has played Chess or Tetris knows, games are simply re-presenting life's own puzzles and challenges albeit minus its cruel unpredictability and consequence.

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