Devil May Cry 4 News

Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry hits PS4 and Xbox One next year in 60fps and 1080p

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition coming to PS4 and Xbox One, too.

Capcom reveals X360 triple bundle

Dead Rising! Lost Planet! DMC4!

Resi, Devil May Cry comics in the works

DC to draw Capcom pictures.

PC demo for Devil May Cry 4 up

Going to "blow you away", says Capcom.

Demo Roundup - 28th Jan to 4th Feb

Conflict, Katamari, DMC4.

DMC4 ten quid cheaper on Xbox 360

We're always saving you money.

DMC4 demo a bit late on Euro PSN

Should be fine if you have a US account.

Devil May Cry 4 demos this week

For PS3 and Xbox 360.

DMC4 demo date rumblings

End of month say teaser sites.

DMC4 dev avoids other games

Hasn't played God of War/Gaiden.

DMC4 gets Special Edition

New anime episodes inside.

Capcom reveals TGS line-up

Three new games to show.

DMC 4 same on both consoles

"Pretty much identical," says producer.

Capcom responds to PS3 fanboys

DMC4 stokes Internet rage.

Devil May Cry 4 on 360, PC

No longer PS3-exclusive.

DMC4 playable at TGS

New game announcements too.

More on Devil May Cry 4

Website launches.

Devil May Cry 4 details

Well, some. More tomorrow.

New Devil May Cry 4 details

From the producer himself.

Devil May Cry 4 producer speaks

Nice if he said something useful.