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The black sheep of cyberpunk conspiracy thrillers.

As a hormonal and tone-deaf teen I went to see Megadeth live. Despite my unfathomable love for speed metal with Sylvester the Cat-style vocals, their support act Pantera stole the show. I could only pity Megadeth for having to follow Pantera's aural sledgehammer of a performance and I feel the exact same kind of pity for Deus Ex: Invisible War - for it had the unfortunate task of following up a game that would come to be seen as a classic at a time when the technology or budget couldn't match the team's vision.

Deus Ex writer announces Cell: emergence

Deus Ex writer announces Cell: emergence

PC and XBLIG based on voxels.

Sheldon Pacotti, the video game developer who wrote the first two Deus Ex games, has revealed his indie game, Cell: emergence.

Cell: emergence, due out before the end of September on PC and the Xbox Live Indie Games platform, is based on voxels. You pilot a nanobot through the body of a sick little girl, melting infections with self-replicating colloids, building shields and pathways with buckyfibers, and shredding germs with monofilament daisycutter depth-charges. Or something.

"The visual style looks low-fi and even retro, but that is because the bulk of the processing is dedicated to a deep simulation that extends down to every voxel in the world," he told Eurogamer.

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