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Destiny Weekly Featured Raids playlist and when each remastered 390 Raid will feature

Destiny's Weekly Featured Raids is a new playlist introduced as part of the Age of Triumph event. It'll see all previous Raids updated with higher difficulties, new drops up to the game's maximum Light level and Challenges.

If you're interested in other additions or changes in Destiny's final update, consult our Age of Triumph event and Record Book page.

How does the Weekly Featured Raids playlist work?

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Destiny: Wrath of the Machine guide and walkthrough

Our complete walkthrough to tackling Rise of Iron's challenging Raid.

The arrival of a new Raid is one of Destiny's most anticipated moments, and Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine is no different - especially when it was a whole new year since the addition of King's Fall.

Destiny King's Fall raid guide and walkthrough

Our complete guide to the tricky raid from The Taken King.

The King's Fall Raid is deemed a classic by Destiny aficionados, one that's rich with puzzles that require the entire team's contribution, and packed with gripping fire-fights that keep trigger fingers constantly busy. This guide gives you a tour of all the key aspects of the King's Fall raid.

Destiny: Crota's End guide and walkthrough

Our complete guide to beating Crota's End on the original normal and hard difficulties.

Crota's End is Destiny's second Raid, introduced as part of the Dark Below expansion, which sees players venture into the Moon to take down the son of Oryx.

Destiny Icebreaker - How to get the Year 3 sniper rifle from Zavala's Nightfall Bounty

How to get your hands on the weapon with the regenerating ammo.

Destiny's Icebreaker is making a comeback. The sniper rifle was infamous in the game's opening year for its high damage and ability to regenerate ammo, and it's returning to Year 3 with the ability to be infused to maximum Light, making it viable in Light-dependant Crucible events such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris, as well as high level events such as the Raid.

The Competitive Spirit book is the fourth record book we've seen in Destiny to date, after the concept debuted with SRL this time last year. Following hot on the heels of Rise of Iron's Record Book in September, this one focuses exclusively on The Dawning's two modes - the return of Sparrow Racing League, and the debut of Strike Scoring.

Destiny's Halloween-themed holiday event, Festival of the Lost, has been packed with a few surprises. Not only is there a hidden Lost Broom Sparrow to be found, but the Tower also hides a fetch quest that's easy to miss if don't have a sweet tooth, where you trade Raisins for the Superblack Shader.

Destiny Private Matches - Bounties, Grimoire, how to set up in Rise of Iron and everything we know

Every option listed and how to get the most out of playing custom games.

Destiny has finally added private matches, allowing players to sidestep Bungie's curated selection of playlists for their own take on competitive multiplayer, allowing you to select specific maps, modes and more against your friends. As well as reviving multiplayer as the game enters its third year, it opens the door to plenty of new ways to play Crucible, and earn certain Bounty and Grimoire rewards differently too.

Destiny - Crucible Dead Ghost locations for every map

Find every collectible on all of Destiny's 31 multiplayer maps, including Rise of Iron's new additions.

Alongside Destiny's Private Match update in the Rise of Iron expansion comes a series of hidden Dead Ghost locations to find in each Crucible map. Usually the domain of story missions, Raids and Patrol activities, these Ghosts give you a small amount of Grimoire score, as well as some new story information if you view each card on Bungie's website or the official Destiny app.

Destiny - Artifacts list, how to get Iron Lord's Legacy and how Attunement works in Rise of Iron

Every Artifact in Rise of Iron listed, and where to earn them.

Destiny Artifacts, first introduced in Year 2, have been given a significant update for Rise of Iron. The armor type now gives your Guardian one of eight possible game-changing abilities, and are no longer drops from the game's various activities - but a type of reward from one of the expansion's new vendors.

Destiny Gjallarhorn Quest - How to get Year 3 Gjallarhorn by completing Echoes of the Past in Rise of Iron

How to find the Year 3 edition of Destiny's most infamous weapon in Rise of Iron.

Destiny's most infamous and elusive weapon - the Gjallarhorn - is back in Rise of Iron, and now everyone has a chance of getting it as part of the Exotic Destiny Gjallarhorn quest. Signposted as soon as you finish the main story as part of the Echoes of the Past Quest, this takes you from finding hidden collectibles to taking on Fallen in interestingly repurposed locations, before you get your hands on your very own Year 3 Gjallarhorn.

Destiny Outbreak Prime quest - How to solve the monitor puzzle and start Rise of Iron's Challenging the Corruption quest

The monitor puzzle has finally been solved, and the path to a new Exotic weapon begins.

After a week of the community working one of Rise of Iron's biggest mysteries - how to activate all of Wrath of the Machine's monitors - the puzzle has finally been cracked, paving the way to starting Destiny: Rise of Iron's Outbreak Prime Exotic weapon Quest.

Destiny Khvostov Quest - schematic location, 7G-OX weapon parts and manual pages for Rise of Iron's We Found a Rifle Quest

How to start and complete Rise of Iron's Quest to get an Exotic version of Destiny's very first gun.

Destiny: Rise of Iron has a neat callback to the very first weapon players wield in the game - the Khvostov - by making it the Exotic weapon Khvostov 7G-OX. The path to get there isn't signposted by the game, but once you're on the Khvostov Quest in Rise of Iron, it will only take you around an hour to 90 minutes to get it - though expect some exploration and a tough boss battle before you do so.

Destiny: Rise of Iron guide, tips and tricks

Find every collectible, the best Exotics and beat the Raid in Year 3 of Bungie's online shooter.

After a confident Year 2, Destiny heads into its third year with another expansion, Rise of Iron, debuting new story missions, a new Patrol area and social space set within The Plaguelands, original and revamped Strikes and gear and, most tantalisingly, the first new Raid in a year.

Destiny event schedule - Calendar of weekly and seasonal activities in 2016

When Sparrow Racing returns, the days Xur drops by each week and more.

Since launch, Destiny has been refreshed with limited-time events, from a weekly server reset that changes many of the game's regular Nightfall and Raid objectives, through to seasonal events that gives the Tower a taste of Halloween or Valentine's Day. Not only does it give the online game a welcome lick of paint and a new set of distractions, but also keeps players busy with new loot to unlock, too.

Destiny Calcified Fragment locations

How to find all 50 Calcified Fragment collectibles in Destiny: The Taken King.

Collecting all 50 Calcified Fragments - which are The Taken King's take on hidden Ghost collectables from year one of Destiny - dotted throughout the Dreadnaught is one of the more challenging and long winded challenges in the game's first major expansion.

Destiny: King's Fall - Hard Mode guide

How to beat The Taken King's raid on the toughest difficulty.

For Guardians seeking to acquire the very best gear in Destiny, the Hard Mode flavour of the King's Fall raid is currently the only way to go about obtaining it. So-called 'Harrowed' versions of existing armour, weaponry, Ghost Shell and Class Items drop here, which all boost your chances of besting the ultimate PvE challenge in the game: Oryx.

Destiny: The Taken King - PVP, Crucible, maps, tactics

How to get ahead in The Taken King's new PVP maps and modes.

With three new subclasses, new weapon types and perks, plus two original gameplay modes added, there's a fair bit to get on top of as a fan of Destiny's player-versus-player content. With that mind mind, we thought we'd put together a quick guide to get you up to speed with the basics, and gain a bit of an upper hand on the battlefield.

Destiny: The Taken King guide

Our guide to getting started with Year Two of Destiny.

It's been an interesting first year for Activision and Bungie's blockbuster shooter Destiny. On the one hand the game's been criticised for a story that isn't so much incoherent as absent without leave, before going on to cause no minor, internet-igniting furore over the publisher's pricing plans for this, the third piece of Destiny's episodic content. Then of course there's the rather stale narration provided by Peter Dinklage, since replaced with the very capable talents of Nolan North.

The best PS4 games

Our picks from the amazingly broad library of Sony's newest machine.

Eurogamer's best games lists aim to guide you to the highest quality, most original, most exciting games around today. Each regularly updated list presents between 10 and 20 varied games that we think would make a fine foundation for any game collection.

Destiny: How to get to level 32

The Dark Below raises the level cap, but how do you reach it again?

Destiny's first expansion, The Dark Below, adds new story missions, Strike and Raid content, as well as all sorts of new gear and weaponry, but for many players the most interesting prospect will be going beyond the previously hard-coded level limit of 30. With the right gear it is now possible to hit level 32. So where and how do you obtain the bits you need?

Destiny guide

Gold chests, how to reach level 20 and 30 quickly, farming guides and exotic bounties.

In its short time on the market, Destiny has sold millions of copies and got many of us hooked thanks to its tight combat loop and disgustingly moreish gear grind. But even if you've played it for over a hundred hours, like several of the Eurogamer team, you probably haven't figured everything out. Do you have all the gold loot chests? Are you struggling to level an alt quickly enough? Are you caught levelling in the mid-20s and having trouble figuring out how and what to prioritise to advance further? And if you're deep in the endgame, are you unsure about the best exotic bounties to undertake?

What's in the Destiny beta?

What's in the Destiny beta?

What to expect when you're expecting.

The beta for Destiny launches on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 at 6pm today, should all go to plan, and it's a generous slice of Bungie's long-awaited first game since departing the Halo universe. So what exactly is in it? We spent an afternoon exploring the Cosmodrome, and have compiled a rundown of everything included, as well as a few handy primers to make sure you get the most out of it.

How do I get into the beta?

The simplest way is by pre-ordering Destiny, which will grant you a beta code which can be redeemed at Bungie's own site. You should receive the actual download code soon after, and you'll also receive multiple codes to give to your friends. Which brings us to the second, slightly less straightforward way to get in - simply hassle someone you know who's already got a fistful of codes.

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