Demon's Souls Features

Feature | Looking for the old Souls within Bluepoint's Demon's Souls remake

It's the highlight of the PS5 launch line-up, but what exactly has changed this time out?

Digital Foundry | Why it's time for a PS4 Demon's Souls remake

Sony owns the IP - which opens up some mouthwatering possibilities.

Feature | Demon's Souls still feels fresher than its "Dark" successors

Jeffrey revisits Boletaria and finds much has changed.

Feature | Cheap This Week - 25/05/11

Demon's Souls! Nintendogs + Cats! Pikmin!

Feature | No pain, no game

Are hardcore gamers really just masochists?

Feature | Souls Survivor

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki discusses the origins and ideology behind From Software's masterpiece.