Demigod News

Xbox team ruining GfW Live - Stardock

"My friends, you can't do that on the PC."

Demigod finally gets a PC demo

It's an RTS/RPG multiplayer mash-up.

Demigod sales about to hit 100,000

Stardock sorts out problems for Europe.

PC fans forcing DRM into extinction

2D Boy, Stardock discuss the mob's power.

Demigod "turning point" this week

Connectivity problems gone - Stardock.

Demigod multiplayer beta next week

Test the persistent online bit.

Atari to box-publish Demigod in 2009

Colossal heroes on the rampage.

Leipzig keynote all about Demigod

Gas Powered to detail PC fantasy RTS.

GPG "fairly certain" Demigod will make 08

"Completely playable". Demo this year.

SupCom dev unveils Demigod

Fresh IP from Chris Taylor.