Dementium II

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19th May 2010

Dementium II

24th March 2010

Dementium II trailer

28th October 2009

Dementium II - trailer

Renegade Kid reclaims the rights to Dementium

UPDATE: Developer says it "will be exploring all possibilities" to continuing the franchise.

UPDATE 17/09/2014 5.19am: Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham offered Eurogamer the following statement in regards to Dementium's future:

Dementium 2 HD checks in on Steam

While Mutant Mudds Deluxe hits PS3 & Vita in North America.

It's a big day for Renegade Kid with both its first-person horror/action game Dementium 2 and its retro platformer Mutant Mudds receiving enhanced ports to new platforms.

Dementium II

Dementium II

Insane in the membrane.

It's been a long time since the Cerberus jumped through the window, but ever since the popularisation of the survival horror genre some 14 years ago, I can honestly say that only a few games have ever made me feel genuine unease. But although my top unsettling moments include the psychological rollercoaster of James Sunderland and fumbling with the Camera Obscura while being chased by an eerie procession of poltergeists, in terms of handheld horror, there isn't a single DS title I'd refuse to play in the dark.

One that did come close, however, was Dementium: The Ward, which saw the demented William Redmoor dealing with his internal demons while undergoing brain surgery. The game played out from a first-person perspective in a similar style to Metroid Prime Hunters, as well as sporting some impressive 3D visuals which, although lacking the same psychological chills of Silent Hill, still managed to keep the horror factor a few notches above tepid.

But Dementium was still marred by frustrating design, like the lack of a reasonable save system and the respawning of enemies in rooms you'd already cleared - despite the fact you often had to traipse back and forth to solve puzzles. Everything also became far too easy once you found the overpowered Buzz Saw, allowing you to stampede through the limited cast of generic monsters. Nonetheless, this was an accomplished first attempt, and with Dementium II, Renegade Kid has addressed many of Dementium's shortcomings.

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