Dementium II

Key events

19th May 2010

Dementium II

24th March 2010

Dementium II trailer

28th October 2009

Dementium II - trailer

Dementium series is getting remade on 3DS

Will feature a new save system, aiming for 60fps.

Renegade Kid reclaims the rights to Dementium

UPDATE: Developer says it "will be exploring all possibilities" to continuing the franchise.

Dementium 2 HD checks in on Steam

While Mutant Mudds Deluxe hits PS3 & Vita in North America.

Mutant Mudds dev concerned by potential Nintendo 3DS piracy

But remains hopeful Nintendo will fight back with system updates.

Dementium II

Insane in the membrane.

SouthPeak dates Dementium II

DS horror here in early March.

VideoDementium II - trailer

Gameplay from Renegade Kid's latest.