Defend Your Castle

Defend Your Castle

Defend Your Castle

Resistance is feudal.

With so many games greedily - and presumptuously - placed in the premium 1000-Point WiiWare price bracket, it's refreshing to be able to report on a title that knows its limits.

A remake of the popular internet game, it asks you to live up to the title by repelling wave after wave of stick-men invaders. You do this by picking them up and flinging them as hard as you can so that they squish on the ground. In the original, this is a messy and bloody affair. Here, in Nintendo-land, it's all been sanitised with a deliberately lo-fi hand-made feel.

Like those epic biro battles scrawled on the covers of countless schoolbooks, it's as if a malevolent child's imagination has burst into life. Some of the crudely sketched barbarians carry lolly stick battering rams. Others roll cap-gun ammunition instead of demolition equipment. Giants arrive with heads made from cola bottle tops. All are determined to reduce the "helth" of your castle to zero.

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