Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP (2010) have vanished from Steam

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World also removed from digital distribution.

It's a new year which brings about all sorts of self-help resolutions, new beginnings and a healthy dose of optimism. It also brings about expired video game licenses resulting in a slew of titles being removed from digital distributors.

Watch us play Deadpool live at 5pm BST

Ian is the Merc with a Mouth. So's Deadpool.

Released late last month, Deadpool is a game that revels in its source material - filling itself to the brim with fourth-wall-breaking self-referential humour, for instance - but does a slightly lousier job with the video game stuff going on around those fun moments. It's an interesting mix, though, and although Dan half warned people off it in our review, in some respects it's worth a look. Perhaps to the extent that, dun dun dun, you might want to watch a live stream of it.

Deadpool review

Deadpool review

Gib generously.

One of the problems in adapting The Punisher, Marvel's gun-toting vigilante, to the movies was that, once removed from the colourful spandex morality of the comic book page, the character lost his mojo. In a world populated by Spider-Man, Captain America and Mister Fantastic, a guy who just shot criminals to pieces couldn't help but stand out. Transfer him to the big screen, where scowling vengeful vigilantes are ten a penny, and all of sudden he's utterly generic.

Another of Marvel's characters, the crazed mercenary gobshite Deadpool, faces a similar problem crossing over into video games. We're not short of glib, wise-cracking anti-heroes to control with our joypads, so he needs to bring something else to the table. In High Moon Studios' scatological action game, he does. Mostly.

That something extra is Deadpool's post-modern insanity, which manifests in a near-constant inner dialogue between his three personalities, numerous fourth-wall-shattering asides directed at the player and an enjoyable willingness to play around with the structure of video games themselves.

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Deadpool game from Transformers dev announced

Activision has announced a Deadpool video game.

It's being made by Transformers developer High Moon Studios and is due out in 2013. Deadpool is voiced by Mr. Nathan Drake, Nolan North, who has voiced the "Merc with a Mouth" in previous games.

Information is scarce right now, but Activision did release a teaser trailer, below, at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. The official Deadpool website is live, too.

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