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FeatureThe cult of Swery

Deadly Premonition's creator has become the focus of a phenomenal cult. How did Swery get here, and where is he heading next?

VideoDeadly Premonition footage

Twin Peaks style horror now on XBLM.

Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro's new game The Good Life - a papercraft open-world murder mystery in a rural English town, oh and where you turn into a cat or dog at night - will fail as a campaign on crowdfunding platform Fig. He seeks $1.5m but has raised only a third of it, and his time runs out today.

Deadly Premonition is so very, uniquely weird that it's hard to imagine it translating well to a board game. Like Twin Peaks, its atmosphere is too specific and too bizarre, surely, to be supported by a tabletop game (a Twin Peaks board game really was produced in the 90s, in fact - I have it on good authority from Donlan that it's utter trash).

Swery's new game will be "perverted, violent and crazy"

And he reveals a disturbing early vision for Deadly Premonition.

What will maverick designer Swery, real name Hidetaka Suehiro, make next? How will he follow the Twin Peaksy eccentricity of Deadly Premonition, or the dizzyingly off centre D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die? More to the point: is he okay?

The nice thing about filming a different video game recipe each week is that we're never short of suggestions from our viewers. Having made eight different video game dishes now you'd think we'd be running out of ideas, but the recipes just keep coming in (I promise I'll cook something from Skyrim eventually).

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut is locked at 720p on PC

UPDATE: Rising Star releases patch, but resolution is still fixed.

UPDATE 3: Deadly Premonition PC's publisher Rising Star Games has announced that its new 1.01 patch is out, which should fix a host of errors. Unfortunately, it still doesn't address the 720p locked resolution, but modder Durante has issued a fix for that - even if it's still in alpha and a bit buggy.

FeatureThe cult of Swery

Deadly Premonition's creator has become the focus of a phenomenal cult. How did Swery get here, and where is he heading next?

Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro is a stranger in a strange land. Back home, he's the designer and co-writer of a string of quietly successful if anonymous PSP titles at Access Games, a mid-tier developer based in Osaka. Here, though, he's something else - a cult hero, and one of the few singular voices working in the industry. In a tour that's taken him from the sprawl of Los Angeles to Hitchin, the small English market town where we meet on a Saturday afternoon muted by snowfall, he's adored and revered. And it's all thanks to one very odd game.

SWERY teases Deadly Premonition 2

Plus, Deadly Premonition Director's Cut out this year.

Deadly Premonition designer SWERY has teased a sequel, and revealed his hope to release a Director's Cut of the first game this year.

Deadly Premonition dev making Vita game

Swery65 director of Lords of Apocalypse.

Swery65, creator of eye-catching Xbox 360 game Deadly Premonition, has announced he is the director of PlayStation Vita launch title Lords of Apocalypse, according to a report by Siliconera.

The word 'cult' is used to describe many games, but rarely has it seemed so appropriate as when applied to Deadly Premonition. The term's etymological root is as a pejorative, used to describe groups whose ideas were considered strange, yet these days it often has more positive connotations; a cult hit isn't a flop, but a pleasantly surprising success, beloved of a small but dedicated and passionate audience. Deadly Premonition's unlikely trajectory from internet laughing stock to much-admired curio all but mirrors the evolution of the word.

Swery needs cash for his next game

Deadly Premonition developer begins work.

Deadly Premonition developer Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro is working on a new game but he needs a publisher to help get the party properly started.

Deadly Premonition dated

Xbox 360 horror hits UK in October.

Divisive Xbox 360 horror game Deadly Premonition will release in the UK on 29th October, publisher Rising Star Games has announced.

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition

Thought so.

Alan Wake creator Sam Lake has spoken openly of his game's debt to Twin Peaks, referencing David Lynch's ground-breaking TV series in interviews and paying subtle tribute in the game itself. By comparison, Ignition's Deadly Premonition feels like frenzied fanfic, pilfering elements left, right and centre as it relays the tale of a coffee-loving FBI agent investigating a ritualistic killing in a sleepy rural town. Crucially, though, it nails that Lynchian tone, aping the director's blend of the mundane and the surreal in what is undeniably one of the weirdest retail videogame releases for a long, long time.

Whether that's by accident or design, however, is open to debate. Certainly some of the oddness is intentional, but equally, Deadly Premonition's unique feel comes from a combination of budgetary constraints, uneven pacing and baffling mechanics. A blend of detective story and Siren-style survival horror, it's a game where smoking whiles away valuable hours, an "unbelievably delicious" turkey sandwich (costing just shy of a hundred bucks) is the ultimate in nutrition, and the hero's beard grows in real time.

Hero is perhaps the wrong word to describe Agent Francis York Morgan ("call me York"), an arrogant chain-smoking suit from the big city with a penchant for java, biscuits, and inappropriate topics of conversation over dinner. He's the kind of guy who smugly looks down on his small-town cohorts before regaling them with tales of a serial murderer who urinated in and then drank from his victims' skulls. He spends half his time relaying messages to the unseen Zach, who may or may not be a figment of his imagination, often during dialogue with other characters. Amazingly, no-one ever mentions this.

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Ignition reveals Deadly Premonition

Spooky Xbox 360 game due 2010.

Ignition has announced a new third-person survival-horror game called Deadly Premonition. Only it's not new: it's Rainy Woods with a new name and platform focus.