Dead Space 2 Videos

Video | Watch: PTSD and video games

Low Batteries episode 3.

Video | Video: Gaming's creepiest children

The kids aren't alright (they're scaring me please help).

Video | Dead Space 2: Severed trailer

Stand-alone chapters coming 1st March.

Video | Visceral talks Dead Space 2 effects

Peek inside Issac Clarke's mind.

Digital Foundry | Dead Space 2 PS3/360 Face-Off

A console-only comparison of Visceral's PS3/360 epic.

Digital Foundry | Dead Space 2 PS3/360/PC Face-Off

All three versions compared and contrasted.

Digital Foundry | Dead Space 2: PS3/360 Engine Performance Tests

Like for like footage analysed by Digital Foundry.

Video | Dead Space 2 meets Dragon Age 2

Arise, Sir Issac of Clarke.

Video | How Visceral invented Isaac's Locator

Dead Space dev devises directional device.

Video | Do mothers like Dead Space 2?

Gameplay stuns EA focus group.

Video | Eye-gouging new Dead Space 2 clip

Isaac Clarke is having a bad day.

Video | Dead Space 2 trailer excavated

Marker your calender for 28th Jan.

Video | Dead Space 2 creeps closer

Can you decipher the Scrawl?

Digital Foundry | Dead Space 2 demo: PS3/360 performance analysis

Frame-rates for Visceral's hugely anticipated sequel.

Video | Dead Space 2 dev talks multiplayer

Art director spills the beans.

Video | New Dead Space 2 trailer

Visceral ramps up the scares.

Video | Dead Space 2 air-lock gameplay

Not flying, but falling with style.

Video | Dead Space 2 gameplay footage

Remember, remember, to slice and dismember.

Video | Dead Space 2 is still frightening

Isaac Clarke starts to unravel in EA's sequel.

Video | Dead Space 2 gameplay

EA's horror space adventure gets another shot.

Video | Dead Space 2 showcase dev diary

Steve Papoutsis on giving Isaac a voice.

Video | Dead Space 2 gets its first trailer

EA's horror shooter returns for round 2.