Dead Space 2: Severed

Dead Space 2 dev making "bold new IP"

Visceral hiring executive producer for it.

Dead Space developer Visceral will soon begin work on a "bold new IP" - a move that suggests either Dead Space and Dante's Inferno are being put on hold, or that a second, complimentary team is being made.

EA boss mentions Dead Space 3

Series sales won't hit 4m until its launch.

Sales of Dead Space 2 have been double those of the original, but it won't be until the release of Dead Space 3 that the series will really take off, EA said.

Dead Space 2: Severed announced

Dead Space 2: Severed announced

PSN, XBL pack extends Dead Space 2 story.

EA has announced Dead Space 2: Severed, a "digital download pack" that extends the Dead Space 2 story with two standalone chapters in the single-player game.

It sees the return of Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock, the two main characters from 2009 prequel Dead Space: Extraction. The Dead Space 2 Limited Edition for PS3 includes Dead Space: Extraction, which supports the Move controller.

Weller and Lexine's story runs parallel to Isaac's in Dead Space 2. Players assume the role of Gabe Weller, who as a Sprawl Security Guard fights against Necromorphs.

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