Dead Rising News

The bizarre drink driving Dead Rising 4 tweet

"Might as well call in sick now."

Dead Rising remasters get release date and price

15.99 for one game or 39.99 for all.

Looks like the original Dead Rising is headed to PS4

UPDATE: Confirmed! And that's not all...

Dead Rising: Watchtower comes to Xbox a week early

Despite it being on Sony's streaming service Crackle.

The Dead Rising movie gets a March release date

Some stations will air it episodically.

Dead Rising movie will star Rob Riggle as Frank West

Now called Dead Rising: Watchtower.

Dead Rising digital movie in the works

To debut on Sony's streaming service Crackle.

The Dead Rising Collection beheading to Xbox 360 in March

Contains the first two games and all its DLC.

DR2: Off the Record cynicism quashed

"There's a ton of added value here."

Inafune: Capcom forced sequel output

Defied bosses to develop Dead Rising.

Dead Rising shuffles onto App Store

Frank West returns, new features in tow.

Capcom denies alienating DR2 PS3 gamers

Xbox exclusivity "a present" to original fans.

Capcom aims high with Dead Rising 2

Wants it to replace Resi as biggest series.

Expect more Frank West, says Capcom

We love the Dead Rising man apparently.

GOD: Dead Rising this month

XBL service gains GRAW2 today.

Capcom reveals X360 triple bundle

Dead Rising! Lost Planet! DMC4!

Capcom wins Dead Rising lawsuit

They officially didn't copy George Romero.

Blue Castle making Dead Rising 2

Canadian zombie-source confirms.

Dead Rising beheading to Wii?

Japanese reports suggest so.

Dawn of the Dead Rising spat intensifies

Mall zombies an "unprotectible idea".

Inafune denies Dead Rising 2

Not in production, says producer.

Dead Rising plays dress-up

New costumes to download.

Dead Rising sequels likely

"For years to come".

No Dead Rising text patch

Capcom rules it out.

Another Dead Rising costume

A small but free download.

Dead Rising DLC already

Eight free costumes.

BBFC defends Dead Rising

And decision to let it past uncut.

Dead Rising PAL uncensored

Capcom confirms: no cuts.

Dead Rising demo out now

Crush zombies for a giggle.

Dead Rising demo soon

Plus, new trailer on Live.

Dead Rising US date adjusted

Bludgeon the undead back a bit.

Dead Rising for 360

Capcom's new survival horror.