Dead Rising 2 Videos

VideoDead Rising 2: Off The Record trailer

Frank West returns this Autumn.

VideoDead Rising 2: Case West gameplay

First in-game footage of Frank.

VideoNinja skills pack for Dead Rising 2

DLC bringing stealth, sword upgrades.

VideoDR2 Soldier of Fortune costume

Warpaint the town red.

VideoFirst Dead Rising 2 skill pack

Chuck turns sports fanatic.

VideoCapcom invite you to the spa

Would you like to Chuck in?

Digital FoundryDead Rising 2 Face-Off: PS3 vs. PC

PS3 takes on the PC version of Capcom's zombie epic.

Digital FoundryDead Rising 2 Face-Off: Xbox 360 vs. PC

Can the PC build of Dead Rising 2 exceed console quality?

Digital FoundryDead Rising 2 Face-Off: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Selected scenes from both versions put head-to-head.

Digital FoundryDead Rising 2: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 performance analysis

Zombies. Thousands of them. Which console copes better?

VideoWhat would Chuck do?

...Asks new trailer for DR2.

VideoDead Rising 2 - tools of destruction

Behind the scenes of the game's weaponry.

VideoDead Rising 2 - bring your friends

Behind the scenes of the co-op mode.

VideoDead Rising 2 - Welcome to Fortune City

Always bet on red. Lots and lots of red.

VideoDead Rising 2 - Cash me if you can

One of Dead Rising 2's little distractions.

VideoDead Rising 2 - X10 trailer

Capcom's latest takes shape.