Dead Island Videos

VideoEGTV: Dead Island's iconic trailer given a modern twist

To celebrate the GOTY Edition rumours, we thought we would spruce up the hugely successful announcement trailer.

VideoDead Island Ryder White DLC trailer

Out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 1st Feb.

VideoDead Island video talkthrough

Got problems but the beach ain't one.

Digital FoundryDead Island Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off Video

PS3 commands a small image quality advantage.

Digital FoundryDead Island PlayStation 3 vs. PC Video

At 720p, PS3 image quality can actually improve upon PC.

Digital FoundryDead Island Xbox 360 vs. PC Video

Comparison footage, console against computer.

Digital FoundryDead Island PS3/360 Performance Analysis Video

Techland's Chrome tech again performs better on 360.

VideoDead Island trailer rises

Desert island risks.

VideoDead Island E3 trailer drifts in

In-game footage of the holiday from hell.

VideoDead Island trailer looks the business

Dead set on ruining your holiday.