Dead Island News

Dead Island Definitive Edition headed to PC, PS4, Xbox One

Includes original game, Riptide, and retro side-scroller.

Dead Island movie still alive

Hunt is on for a director.

The Humble Bundle goes daily for a fortnight

Re-introduces the Deep Silver Bundle at an even cheaper price.

Dead Island is tomorrow's free Games With Gold offering

With Toy Soldiers: Cold War to follow mid-month.

Pay what you want for Saints Row: The Third in the Humble Deep Silver Bundle

UPDATE: Metro 2033, Sacred Citadel, and Risen added.

Techland on Dead Island's divisiveness: "do you like sushi?"

"When a game divides people, it means that it has a lot of character."

Is Techland not making Dead Island 2?

Amid contradicting reports, Eurogamer speaks to the studio.

Techland not shocked by Germany's Dead Island ban

"Germany has its unique regulations."

Dead Island PS3/360 patch date and details

O negative experience be gone.

Techland trademarks Dead World

First hint at a Dead Island sequel?

Japan chart: top 10 debuts for Dead Island, FIFA

While 3DS sales continue to soar.

Dead Island PC patch 1.3 released

These cadaver big effect on gameplay.

Dead Island patch released on Steam

Less of autopsy-turvy ride.

Dead Island DLC delayed

Techland still polishing up main game.

Dead Island film announced

THAT trailer "primary creative inspiration".

UK top 40: Dead Island still top

Deep Silver's pockets deep with gold.

UK Top 40: Dead Island defeats Deus Ex

Space Marine, Resistance 3 in top five.

Techland reflects on Dead Island blooper

Feminist Whore programmer's "private joke".

Dead Island DLC out within weeks

Bloodbath Arena adds survival mode.

Dead Island PC patch may wipe saves

But publisher planning a "make up" offer.

Steam Dead Island an Xbox 360 dev build?

Update: Patch will rectify matter.

Dead Island patch for launch

A fleshy furlong of fixes.

Out This Week - 09/09/11

Island! Fox! Resistance! Marine! Shaddai!

There's a Dead Island book

Of corpse there is.

Dead Island gets ESRB Mature rating

Stamp on a zombie's head.

Dev defends Dead Island child violence

"This happens in a realistic setting."

Dead Island trailer reflects game - dev

"I don't want to cause any hate."

Valve on that Dead Island trailer

"The violence towards kids is unpleasant."

Dead Island trailer rouses Hollywood

"Big-name directors" on the phone.

Techland's Dead Island resurrected

Zombies. Action. Melee. Co-op. RPG.

COJ dev still working on Dead Island

It's coming along nicely, says Techland man.