DayZ Features

FeatureDayZ without Dean Hall: What now?

A big interview for a big new year.

FeatureWhy is hardship the new hotness?

DayZ, survival, and the glorious cult of cruelty.

FeatureBohemia's war: the story of the company behind Arma and DayZ

From Operation Flashpoint to a Greek prison and back again.

FeatureWho is DayZ creator Dean Hall?

Starving, mountains, zombies: his incredible story.

FeatureDayZ interview: full release, console discussions, horses and Rust

"Boy, Sony and Microsoft love their meetings, eh?"

FeatureHave traditional MMOs had their time?

And what do we make of the shared-world games and MOBAs that have risen up to replace them?

FeatureThe next-generation will be open-world

Ubisoft and more on connected freedom.

FeatureGames of 2012: DayZ

Diary of the dead.

FeatureDayZ's Dean Hall: Rocket Man Rising

DayZ's creator on the mod's past, present and standalone future.