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EU PlayStation Store update 23rd November

EU PlayStation Store update 23rd November

Daytona! Robin DLC! Rayman Origins for 47.99!

Sega's revival of Dreamcast racer Daytona USA heads up this week's list of downloadable launches on the EU PlayStation Store.

Daytona boasts smoother graphics, a sharper soundtrack and an unwavering 60 frames-per-second, all of which helped Martin wave a 9/10-bearing chequered flag in Eurogamer's Daytona USA review of last month's XBLA version.

PlayStation Plus subscribers are rewarded with a 30 per cent off the price of Daytona and 20 per cent discount off 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which launches as a download this week for 19.99 for everyone else.

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Out This Week - 28/10/11

Battlefield 3! Kinect Sports 2! Daytona!

Whatever Battlefield 3's sales figures are when the dust settles (and we guess they'll be stonkingly huge), EA's FPS juggernaut has already clocked up some truly impressive numbers.

Xbox Live Marketplace schedule update

Xbox Live Marketplace schedule update

Daytona, WOTW, Toy Soldiers DLC, more.

Sega's updated port of Daytona USA, the Patrick Stewart-narrated War of the Worlds game and new DLC for Toy Soldiers: Cold War headline the latest Xbox Live release schedule update.

Xbox Live mouthpiece Major Nelson has firmed up the rest of this month's Marketplace release schedule, including a new alien themed add-on for last year's World of Keflings and a paranormal-themed pinball table for Pinball FX 2 - free for a limited time over Halloween.

Gamers can also expect savings on Halo Reach map packs and Dead Rising 2 standalone episodes Case Zero and Case West.

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Daytona USA achievements leak

XBLA re-release confirmed. Again.

Achievements for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Daytona USA have leaked, confirming, once again, that the arcade racer is game for a downloadable re-release.