Days Gone Features

FeatureHere's all we learnt after three hours playing Days Gone

All-new gameplay, plus an interview with creative director John Garvin.

Of all Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives, it's fair to say that Days Gone is the most maligned. Delayed several times and struggling to impress before last year's E3, Sony Bend's open world action game - in development for some six years - feels somewhat unfancied.

Like Gatsby, Shawn Layden does not like to talk more than he has to. That's the impression that has emerged over a handful of E3s, anyway, as his dapper presence on the PlayStation stage has generally seen him restricting his comments to a few breezy thoughts here and there. He loves games, and he knows, in his collegiate way, that we all love games too. The future is coming! The future is now. He plays with his cuffs, he checks his pocket square. He does a lovely thing with his hands that makes him look like he is shelling peanuts and tossing the husks to the wind. And then he is gone, into the wings while the games take center stage. He doesn't call us "sport", but it is implied. We all know what this is about. We are all here for the same reason.