Flat mates.

FeatureIndependence Day

Introversion opens on Microsoft, Subversion, Darwinia+ and more.

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Introversion is outing everything about Darwinia+. Emails, design docs, the lot. Chris Delay explains.


Chris Delay gets over his introversion and talks.

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Prison Architect earns $19m from 1.25m sales - but what's next?

Prison Architect earns $19m from 1.25m sales - but what's next?

"The next game we make will not be about prisons..."

Prison Architect, the game that saved Introversion, did so in spectacular style: to date it has earned more than $19m from over 1.25m sales.

That $19m (and something) figure is accurate as of around 1.30pm (BST) Saturday, 26th September, which is when Introversion founding director Mark Morris shows me it on his phone in some sort of data-tracking app.

The 1.25m sales milestone is mentioned a few times during our interview.

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GOG.com relaunched to sell newer PC games

GOG.com relaunched to sell newer PC games

Drops the Good Old Games meaning.

What began as Good Old Games, GOG.com, has relaunched to sell new PC games alongside old.

Therefore, the Good Old Games meaning will fade away. The company will be known instead by the acronym-turned-company-title GOG.com. "It doesn't matter what G, O and G stand for," explained a post on GOG.com. "Gee Oh Gee dot com stands for high-quality, DRM-free gaming, each week with bigger and newer games."

Trine and The Whispered World are examples of 'new' games available right now. Legend of Grimrock is out 11th April. Spacechem, Machinarium and Darwinia are "coming soon". Apparently, more than 20 indie and new games have been signed for release in "the next few months".

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Introversion announces Prison Architect

Introversion announces Prison Architect

Darwinia dev tackles penal system.

Darwinia developer Introversion has announced a new game called Prison Architect.

In it, you "build and manage a maximum security prison", Introversion's creative mind Chris Delay told Rock Paper Shotgun.

No other Prison Architect details were offered.

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Indies not sold on Kinect

Trials HD, Darwinia+ crews speak out.

Following news that Microsoft will soon be releasing Kinect development tools to independent studios, Eurogamer has asked a number of indies whether they are interested in developing for Kinect.



Flat mates.

For gamers of a certain age, Darwinia can be an overwhelming experience. So many familiar ideas, references and images are stirred into its pulsating digital broth that it feels like your brain's been soaked in a gravy of pure nostalgia. Sentinel. Tron. Centipede. Worms. Space Invaders. 3D Ant Attack. Syndicate. Fat Worm Blows A Sparky. Lemmings. The Settlers. Chaos. The retro flavours pile up, bounce off each other and spiral away in joyful new directions. Yet for a game so clearly assembled from traditional ingredients it still feels bracingly new, even in this revamped console edition.

Accidentally hacking your way into the digital domain of Dr Sepulveda, you discover a glowing neon world overrun with an evil virus. The good doctor, looking not unlike Sir Clive Sinclair, quickly schools you in the ways of his virtual creation. An artificial life experiment gone horribly awry, your task is to rid the land of the virus and make it safe for the stiff, inanimate, yet strangely lovable green stick-men known as Darwinians.

To aid you, there are two main tools at your disposal, one being a squad of gun-toting soldiers who can blast away at the snaking virii, and later lob grenades and call in airstrikes to remove more persistent manifestations of the infection like ants, spiders, centipedes and hovering undulating octopus things.

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FeatureIndependence Day

Introversion opens on Microsoft, Subversion, Darwinia+ and more.

Once The Last of the Bedroom Programmers, the Robin Hood of Independent Forest, the David to the industry's Goliath, the [that's enough metaphor - Ed], Introversion nowadays finds itself beavering away on an Xbox Live Arcade version of Darwinia+. It's quite the transformation for a tiny studio that won the Independent Games Festival's grand prize a few years ago and celebrated by sticking two fingers up to publishers. Following the developer's turn at Eurogamer Expo 2009, we spoke to managing director Mark Morris to get the whole story.

Darwinia+ out "next side of Christmas"

Introversion's tale of frustration.

Introversion's Mark Morris and Chris Delay told the Eurogamer Expo this week that Darwinia+ will be submitted to Xbox Live Arcade certification in "the next few weeks", with a likely release "the next side of Christmas".

FeatureShow Your Working

Introversion is outing everything about Darwinia+. Emails, design docs, the lot. Chris Delay explains.

You could never criticise the guys at Introversion for not sharing their views of the world. From swearing at the mainstream industry during their Independent Games Festival acceptance speech, to Chris Delay's detailed and heartrending posts about exactly how bad their 2008 turned out to be, they have always been impressively open about what they've been thinking while making their chain of splendid independent games.

Introversion is on the up, says Delay

But studio "considered closing up for good".

Introversion's playmaker Chris Delay has revealed that his celebrated indie studio was "almost dead" after a "disastrous" 2008 - but is now "back on the ascendancy".

Introversion bundle for USD 20

Defcon, Darwinia and Uplink.

Looking for something perfect for your PC-loving friend this Christmas? Or, more likely, something perfect for your PC this Christmas? Then Steam appears to have just the thing: the Introversion Anthology, featuring Darwinia, Defcon and Uplink for just USD 19.95, which includes a one-week discount of USD 10.


Chris Delay gets over his introversion and talks.

If you're of that particular mindset, Introversion are the closest the 00s have to a genuine underground heroes. Its story is a dramatic one.

Multiwinia announced for PC

Multiwinia announced for PC

Multiplayer Darwinia in 2008.

Introversion has confirmed it is creating a multiplayer version of Darwinia, which will be released as a standalone game on PC sometime in 2008.

Multiwinia will let you take control of massive Tron-inspired armies, and then direct them co-operatively or competitively against your friends. Or people you hate, we don't mind.

The traditional single-player game is also included, in addition to new separate game modes and unique levels.

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Darwinia Vista shots, details

Darwinia Vista shots, details

Supports 360 pad too.

Everyone's favourite shouty UK indie, Introversion, has released some screenshots and details of its new Vista-compatible version of excellent strategy game Darwinia.

Available from the MSN Games website for US$ 19.95, the new Vista version supports the Xbox 360 controller and the operating system's parental system, and slots neatly into the Vista games explorer and media centre.

Ported from OpenGL to Direct3D, the new version also introduces enhanced visuals - better explosions, reflective water effects and Darwinian "auras" getting a mention - while existing fans might be lured by the addition of three new levels, called Jailbreak, Stronghold and Doomsday.

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Introversion disrupts P2P

Says it's the best way.

In a refreshing take on the battle against software piracy, developer Introversion has revealed that it 'causes mayhem' on peer-to-peer networks to exasperate pirates and downloaders who plan to play illegal copies of its games.

Introversion talking to MS, Sony

Darwinia on Live Arcade?

Uplink and Darwinia developer Introversion is currently in negotiations with both Microsoft and Sony regarding the possibility of bringing its games to consoles.

Darwinia multiplayer on the way

Introversion talks future plans.

With just a few weeks to go until cult PC strategy title Darwinia is released for digital download via Steam, developer Introversion has announced that a multiplayer version is on the way.

Darwinia gets Steaming

Yours to download for $19.95.

Valve has announced plans to offer crazy strategy title Darwinia for download via its digital distribution service, Steam.

New Darwinia level, patch

New Darwinia level, patch

New demo is brand new level.

The Dar-For-The-Win-ia chaps at Introversion have released a brand new demo of Darwinia, one of the most interesting PC games we've played since, er, their other one, Uplink. And, brilliantly, it's an entirely new scenario not included in the full game, so you'll want to check it out even if you already own the game.

You can grab hold of it using your mouse as some sort of electronic butterfly net on the game's official website. Another thing the demo does is show off the new icon-based control system (with full tutorial), which should please people who didn't get on with the mouse-gesture system that was in there to begin with.

There's also a new 1.3 patch that enables that control mechanism as an option in the full game. Veterans of the Darwinian repopulation can also check out a full changelist for the patch while it's downloading.

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