Darkstar One: Broken Alliance


DarkStar One: Broken Alliance

During the World Cup, whilst the English have been distracted, the Scots have been busy - as have the Irish and the West Indians.

They've been busy going to space, apparently, and starting careers in pirate gangs across the galaxy. No matter which far-flung corner of the galaxy you fly to in DarkStar One: Broken Alliance, sooner or later you seem to come across a feisty buccaneer with a strong - some might even say overacted - accent, just waiting to laser open your hold and take away your space monies. And kill you.

It's one of the many little peccadilloes which are likely to divide DarkStar One's potential audience, like the dreadful script delivery or the sometimes stuttering and fuzzy cut-scenes. For some these will be terms of endearment, a charming lack of corporate polish which bears testament to the game's relatively humble origins; for others, they'll be annoyances.

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There's a little bit of my heart invested in DarkStar One. First time around, when it was released on PC in 2006, I'd just acquired a new computer, and DarkStar was one of the games I bought to test its mettle.