FeatureThe Will Wright Stuff

Was Spore a success? What has The Sims become? And more.



VideoDarkspore vid boasts custom combat

Online role-player out now on PC.

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Has EA abandoned Darkspore?

UPDATE: Not bloody likely. Darkspore returns to Steam.

FeatureThe Will Wright Stuff

Was Spore a success? What has The Sims become? And more.



VideoDarkspore vid boasts custom combat

Online role-player out now on PC.

Out This Week - 29/04/11

Virtua Tennis! Darkspore! Thor!

Darkspore open beta goes live

Plus, buy 3 copies on Steam get 1 free.

Darkspore release date pushed back

Maxis incorporating beta feedback.

VideoDarkspore release date trailer

That'd be 29th March.

VideoMaxis shows Darkspore multiplayer

Seed the latest footage.


PVP screens.

Test Spore maker's Darkspore now

Open beta sign-ups begin.

VideoEA show off Darkspore gameplay

World of sporecraft.

Darkspore detailed in new shots

Eight legged freaks.

EA: BioWare not involved in Darkspore

But a former BioWare writer is involved.

VideoDarkspore revealed at EA's Redwood showcase

Takes inspiration from Spore, but not a sequel.

EA reveals Maxis' Darkspore for PC

Sci-fi action RPG with customisation galore.