The Darkness News

Syndicate dev's next game is F2P Cold Mercury

Seeks distribution deal for P13 project.

Grand Theft Auto 4 ships 22 million

Did you buy or Niko copy?

Syndicate Gamescom reveal rumoured

Pulled Tweet sets tongues wagging.

Starbreeze making a downloadable game

Project Red Lime increasing scope.

Starbreeze signs Unreal Engine 3 deal

Will Syndicate reboot use Epic's tech?

2K Games announces The Darkness II

Made by Dark Sector dev Digital Extremes.

ZeniMax buys MachineGames

Starbreeze alumni using id Tech 5.

The Darkness 2 still on the cards

Legal wranglings standing in the way.

Top Cow announces The Darkness 2

But Starbreeze not behind the wheel.

Top Cow spills on Darkness sequel

Comic creator less than subtle.

The Darkness dev reworking EA franchise

"Innovative take on a classic property."

The Darkness X360 demo

Pitch your tentacles.

Darkness demo on PS3 Store

US gets Castlevania COTN.

The Darkness PS3 delayed

Xbox 360 still on track.

The Darkness dated

For Europe in June.

2K to publish The Darkness

It's due out this winter.

Starbreeze next-gen video

Spotlight on The Darkness.