The Darkness II Videos

Digital FoundryThe Darkness 2 Gameplay Performance Analysis Video

Console versions put through their paces in testing gameplay excerpts.

Digital FoundryThe Darkness 2 Xbox PS3 vs. PC Face-Off Video

The Sony console does image quality based battle against the PC.

Digital FoundryThe Darkness 2 Xbox 360 vs. PC Face-Off Video

Console up against computer in this head-to-head presentation.

Digital FoundryThe Darkness 2 Engine Performance Analysis Video

Like-for-like scenes compared on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Digital FoundryThe Darkness 2 Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off Video

The two console SKUs go head-to-head in this comic book horror epic.

VideoThe Darkness 2 trailer meets co-op characters

Quad-wielding shooter out next week.

VideoThe Darkness 2 launch trailer lands

With comedy British goblin sidekick.

VideoThe Darkness 2 video talkthrough

Eurogamer plays and digests the new demo.

VideoThe Darkness 2 trailer unveils co-op cast

Eurogamer's new preview now live.

VideoThe Darkness 2 executions footage

2K shooter puts tentacles in tough places.

VideoThe Darkness 2 gun channeling vid

More multi-wielding weapon play.

VideoDarkness 2 introduction cinematic

Digital Extremes shooter illuminated.

VideoThe Darkness 2 developer diary

Secret cult The Brotherhood explained.

VideoDigital Extremes talks Darkness II vid

Behind the scenes of the games' art.

VideoDual-wielding Darkness II gameplay

Spooky FPS shooting for October release.

VideoThe Darkness II release date teaser

Digital Extremes picks 7th October.

VideoFirst Darkness II developer diary

Behind the scenes with Digital Extremes.