The Darkness II


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Console versions put through their paces in testing gameplay excerpts.

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Console up against computer in this head-to-head presentation.

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Like-for-like scenes compared on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Digital Foundry | The Darkness 2 Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off Video

The two console SKUs go head-to-head in this comic book horror epic.

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Forewarned is four-armed.

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Quad-wielding shooter out next week.

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With comedy British goblin sidekick.

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Eurogamer plays and digests the new demo.

The Darkness 2 demo hits Xbox Live next week

One week ahead of Steam and PlayStation Network.

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Eurogamer's new preview now live.

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2K shooter puts tentacles in tough places.

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Digital Extremes shooter illuminated.

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Secret cult The Brotherhood explained.

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Behind the scenes of the games' art.

The Darkness II delayed into 2012

February launch for FPS sequel.

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Spooky FPS shooting for October release.

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Digital Extremes picks 7th October.

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Behind the scenes with Digital Extremes.

Mike Patton signed for The Darkness 2

Reprises his voice role as The Darkness.