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The Dark Souls community has gotten clever with its ludicrous self-imposed challenge runs, applying such limitations as not using weapons, or taking damage, or finishing From's latest with a controller made from bananas. YouTuber trflk doesn't apply anything quite that peculiar, but they do manage the incredible feat of conquering DLC expansion The Ringed City's most challenging boss, Darkeater Midir, on the hardest difficulty (NG+7), using naught but a broken sword and no armour.

This Dark Souls 3 video is bananas, literally

Like someone actually made a controller out of bananas.

The Dark Souls devoted are a strange and masochistic bunch with all sorts of passionate players creating bizarre challenges for themselves. There are folks who play through these games without taking any damage, others who play on the hardest New Game Plus cycle bare-handed, some who convert the control scheme to a cumbersome plastic instrument, and one person even conquered From's classic using only voice commands. But Twitch user TheSuperScrubs (YouTube handle ATwerkingYoshi) has unveiled the most bananas Dark Souls challenge yet by conquering From Software's latest adventure using a controller that is quite literally comprised of bananas.

Dark Souls 3 patch to improve framerate on PS4 Pro

Dark Souls 3 patch to improve framerate on PS4 Pro

New PvP maps coming to DLC owners.

Dark Souls 3 is getting a new patch on 24th March that will add an improved framerate for PS4 Pro users.

This 1.11 update will also add two new PvP arenas for the game's Undead Match modes. These include Dragon Ruins and Grand Roof.

The patch also adds the ability to stay on the same team as your friends when playing in PvP. Following the update, you can have one password for friends joining one team, then another for those joining another team. Prior to this patch, players could only go to the same match as their friends, but had no say in assigning teams.

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Best-selling Steam games of 2016 revealed

Mix of old and new, big and small.

Happy New Year! Valve has revealed the top 100 best selling games on Steam in 2016. And given the size and dominance of Steam in the desktop gaming marketplace, the results are worth noting.

Dark Souls 3 patch will adjust the game's "poise" stat

Since it release earlier this year Dark Souls 3 has confused and disappointed fans in one small area: its "poise" stat has been tweaked in a way that nobody understands. This may be fixed in an upcoming patch, due this Friday, that promises to adjust this variable.

See, in previous Dark Souls games poise affected the player character's response to getting hit. If your armour or shield had a strong poise value, it would mean you wouldn't stagger when struck by a heavy blow. In Dark Souls 3, however, even heavy weapons and armour with high poise would get smacked around just the same as those with low-poise equipment.

Many believed this to be a bug, though publisher Bandai Namco told Kotaku upon release that "The poise stat is working as intended" and that "the stat works differently than in past games and is more situational, which seems to be the reason for the confusion."

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Watch five minutes of Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel gameplay

Dark Souls 3 developer From Software has released nearly five minutes of new footage from its upcoming Ashes of Ariandel expansion.

The first three-and-a-half minutes of the following video show off many of the nifty new enemies I wrote about in my hands-on preview from TGS that went live yesterday.

After that, it switches over to showing off the add-on's boss fights - arguably too many boss fights as three are revealed. It's unclear how many will be in the full package, but given that it's priced at 11.99 / $14.99 with a second expansion due early next year, it seems reasonable that this may be all of Ashes of Ariandel's showcase combatants.

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Here's the first trailer for Dark Souls 3's Ashes of Ariandel DLC

Dark Souls 3's first piece of DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, launches on 25th October, Bandai Namco has announced. According to the email blurb, players will travel to an unnamed frozen land, battling new monsters and uncovering a terrible secret pertaining to the deeper lore of the Dark Souls series. If you've been paying attention to it all this time, that is.

The accompanying trailer looks pretty good, I have to say; the whole area reminds me a lot of the Painted World of Ariamis, which was a snowy, optional area in the first Dark Souls game.

If you've played Dark Souls 3 for any length of time, you'll know that there is some overlap between its setting and that of the first Dark Souls, so I wouldn't actually be surprised if there is some connection between Ariamis and this new place, especially since the trailer seems to feature a blank canvas and one NPC offering you a torn piece of some painting.

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Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel announced for October

Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel announced for October

Adds new weapons, magic, and a PvP area.

Dark Souls 3 is getting a DLC expansion called Ashes of Ariandel due on 25th October.

The add-on was teased by the official PlayStation Twitter account before being removed - but not before Shacknews grabbed a screencap of it. A trailer was teased, but the video was still set to private.

According to Japanese blog Hachima (translated via Siliconera), the latest issue of Famitsu noted that the expansion will contain new weapons, magic, and a PvP-exclusive map called Immortal Competition.

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Watch this Dark Souls 3 all boss run completed without getting hit

If only I could be so grossly incandescent.

Dark Souls veteran and Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hob made a name for himself earlier this year when he made his way through Dark Souls without taking a single hit from an enemy. Though the pro player was not the first to attain such a victory in Dark Souls 3 (a feat accomplished by FaraazKhan last month) he was the first to make his way through From Software's latest without taking damage and fighting every boss.

Watch someone complete Dark Souls 3 without getting hit

Or using shields, bows, magic, or glitches.

Earlier this year dedicated Dark Souls player The_Happy_Hob finished From Software's cult classic without taking a single hit. Now he's met his match as Twitch competitor FaraazKhan has managed the same feat in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 PC patch removed due to freezing issues

Dark Souls 3 PC patch removed due to freezing issues

UPDATE: It's back and working properly this time.

UPDATE 18/05/2016 8.24pm: The Dark Souls 3 multiplayer patch has been redeployed. Early reports suggest that the freezing issues have been ironed out.

ORIGINAL STORY 16/05/2016 5.28pm: Dark Souls 3 developer From Software recently released a PC patch to fix some of the game's PvP glitches. Unfortunately, it made things worse by causing the game to freeze for a lot of folks. As such, From just removed the update.

"The patch has been removed temporarily to fix the freeze issues. We hope to reinstate the patch ASAP," the developer explained on the Steam forums. "If you fall victim to one of the bugs previously fixed, don't worry, you won't be penalised. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more info. Thank you for your understanding."

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Dark Souls 3 tops US retail sales for April

Dark Souls 3 tops US retail sales for April

Quantum Break lags behind at seventh place.

Dark Souls 3 was the best-selling game in US retail for the month of April, analyst NPD Group has revealed.

NPD's Liam Callahan noted that Dark Souls 3 sales nearly doubled that of Dark Souls 2, when adjusted for days in the market. Publisher Bandai Namco recently boasted about it shipping 3m copies worldwide in a month.

Taking second place in US retail for April was Insomniac's PS4-exclusive Ratchet & Clank reboot.

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Dark Souls 3 the biggest launch in series

Dark Souls 3, "the spectacular conclusion to From Software's trilogy", has had the biggest launch in the series, shipping 3m copies.

The 3m figure breaks down into 1.5m copies shipped in North America, 1m shipped in Europe, and 500,000 in Asia and Japan, according to a a press release (via Gematsu).

Comparisons are slightly confusing because of shipped units versus sold - they confused me (thank you commenters). In a similar timeframe, but in the US and Europe combined, Dark Souls 1 actually sold 1.2m copies, whereas Dark Souls 2 only shipped 1.2m copies. Even with only shipped figures for Dark Souls 3, it seems the game is comfortably ahead.

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Dark Souls 3 launch sales up 61 per cent over Dark Souls 2 in UK

Dark Souls 3 is the UK's number one game, with launch week sales up 61 per cent over launch week sales of Dark Souls 2.

That's physical sales only, remember. Chart-Track data does not include download sales. And, going by SteamSpy figures, download sales for the game have been significant.

Dark Souls 3 launched last week on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it looks like it's doing the business for publisher Bandai Namco. Dark Souls 2 came out in March 2014 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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How to bypass Dark Souls 3's game-breaking PC bug

Helmets and low light prevent crashes, somehow.

Dark Souls 3 has finally launched in english. Hurray! But there's a problem: numerous PC players are finding that the game is crashing upon reaching the game's first bonfire only a few minutes in. Uh oh.

Bandai Namco launches a Dark Souls clothing line, but...

Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco has launched a clothing line promoting From Software's action-RPG series. However, it looks like this:

That's the pattern on a hoodie, but the other clothing in Bandai Namco's line-up is equally ill-befitting of From's fantasy franchise. The "screamo" ska-punk aesthetic clashes wildly with the ethereal aesthetic of Dark Souls. "It's soul farming time"? Who says that? "Back stab"? That's not even part of a witty phrase. And don't even get me started on "keep dying" overlaid atop an Xbox gamepad.

There have been other Dark Souls shirts that better capture the series' feel - or are at least more fashionable. Meat Bun has featured a few unofficial Dark Souls shirts that are pretty stylish, though the only one in its current catalogue portrays Nito.

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Dark Souls fans will no doubt have heard by now that a strange exploit has resulted in Xbox One owners being able to snag the English version of From Software's highly-anticipated action-RPG ahead of its 12th April western release. That trick doesn't work on PS4, however, though overly excited fans can purchase the Japanese release, should they jump through a few import-related hoops.

Dark Souls 3 launch trailer whets our appetite one last time

Dark Souls 3 launch trailer whets our appetite one last time

Auctions Yorkshire "Dark Souls Tea" for charity.

Dark Souls 3 launched in Japan today and developer From Software isn't making it easy on the rest of us by releasing this glorious new launch trailer.

While primed for a Japanese launch (the release date says today), the following trailer is still in English. Look closely and you'll spot a few new bosses - maybe more than I'd like to know about, to be honest. Here's hoping the full game still has plenty of surprises left, because what From's teased so far is very enticing indeed.

In other Dark Souls 3 news, Yorkshire Tea has joined forces with publisher Bandai Namco to auction off a one-of-a-kind 80 bag box of "Dark Souls Tea" to raise money for charity SpecialEffect, an organisation dedicated to using technology to help disabled people play video games.

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If you've ever played a Dark Souls game and found your hollowware not quite hollow enough to fit the mood of From Software's darkly romantic RPG series, you may be in luck as strategy guide developer Prima Game will be shipping actual estus flasks with its luxurious Dark Souls 3 Estus Flask Edition guide.

Watch this latest Dark Souls 3 gameplay trailer

Dark Souls 3 has received a new trailer ahead of its 12th April western launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Set to the theme of True Colors by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, this latest trailer shows us a handful of new settings and bosses. There's a giant sentient tree, a fiery wolf-like ogre, something ensconced in ice shards, a couple of knights, and more. More than anything, this trailer just looks cool and you all should watch it.

Our Martin Robinson went hands-on with Dark Souls 3 at Tokyo Games Show last autumn and found it at once familiar and surprisingly different. "Dark Souls 3 still feels familiar, and comforting even - a strange situation given the hostility the series has often been renowned for. Meddle with those new systems, though, and get lost in the options the Critical Arts bring, and it'll soon yank you out of your comfort zone," he wrote in his Dark Souls 3 impressions. "There's never been any doubt over Dark Souls 3 being a great game - the interesting thing right now is how different it could well be."

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Dark Souls to receive Xbox One backwards compatibility

UPDATE: Pre-order bonus for Dark Souls 3 confirmed, priced.

UPDATE 16/02/2015 4.43pm: The Xbox Marketplace listing for Dark Souls 3 - including the pre-order bonus of backwards compatible Dark Souls - has surfaced for the UK. The core game costs 49.99 or you can snag the Deluxe Edition with the Season Pass for 69.74.

Dark Souls 3 release date, pre-order editions detailed

Dark Souls 3 release date, pre-order editions detailed

One edition is exclusive to GAME.

Dark Souls 3 will launch in the UK on 12th April 2016, publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed.

Three special edition versions of the game will be available, with two limited to specific retailers.

Dark Souls 3's Apocalypse Edition is a GAME pre-order exclusive in the UK, containing the game, a metal case and official soundtrack CD.

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Dark Souls 3 western release date narrowed down

Dark Souls 3 western release date narrowed down

Coming soon after Japanese release.

Dark Souls 3 has had its release date in the west narrowed down, with Bandai Namco confirming at this year's Tokyo Game Show that it'll be coming out in Europe and North America in April next year.

That'll be soon after the Japanese release date, which was confirmed during Sony's conference in Tokyo to be March 24th 2016. Dark Souls 3 sees Hidetaki Miyazaki return to the helm of the series, and sees several new systems introduced - the newest of which we'll have a look into in a preview that's hitting the site shortly.

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Dark Souls 3 gets a Japanese release date

Dark Souls 3 gets a Japanese release date

Rest of world TBC but could be same week.

Dark Souls 3 will be released 24th March 2016 in Japan, From Software announced today. That's on PS4 and Xbox One.

"The Windows version release date and the worldwide release date will be announced at a later date," a press release said.

How the date translates to Europe and the US remains to be seen but the signs are good: From Software's most recent game Bloodborne came out in the same week worldwide, as did Dark Souls 2. Given that the UK gets games on a Friday (the notable new exception being EA) that could mean a Dark Souls 3 release here 25th March 2016. The only official communication we've had is "early 2016", which tallies.

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Dark Souls 3 debuts gameplay in new trailer

Dark Souls 3 debuts gameplay in new trailer

UPDATE: Check out 18 minutes of off-screen gameplay, plus new screenshots.

UPDATE 05/08/2015 7.31pm: Over 18 minutes of off-screen gameplay have been captured at Gamescom, courtesy of IGN:

The first video shows 16 minutes of gameplay, while the second one is much shorter but reveals the Dancer of the Frigid Valley boss in action.

UPDATE 05/08/2015 7.15pm: Bandai Namco has released the following eight beautiful screenshots for Dark Souls 3. Have it it!

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Dark Souls series sales surpass 8.5 million

The brilliant Dark Souls series has surpassed 8.5m sales, and more than 3.25m of those were on PC.

The numbers come from a Japanese presentation by From Software, reported by Famitsu and relayed/made sense of on NeoGAF.

According to the numbers:

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