Dancing Stage SuperNOVA

Dancing Stage SuperNOVA

Dancing Stage SuperNOVA

Public humiliation goes private.

Given that the series has been going for the past eight years or so, you've probably long since made your mind up about DDR (or Dancing Stage, as killjoys Konami insist on calling Dance Dance Revolution in Europe). For some, prancing around on a dance mat has become not only a favoured gaming experience, but also an important social outlet. Entire communities have sprung up around the DDR scene, and the machines can still draw huge crowds of teenagers in the arcades and bowling alleys in which they're found.

For others, the idea of hopping up onto the square plastic mat of a DDR machine and publicly humiliating yourself by stamping along to a painfully up-tempo Japanese Eurobeat dance mix is... Well, let's just say that if we assume that there is a hell, there are definitely people who will find Lucifer himself down there grimly feeding an endless supply of 50p coins into a DDR machine for them.

The home versions of the game, however, provide an interesting middle ground. They do suffer from being played, for the most part, on flexible vinyl mats which can slide around the floor and generally be a bit rubbish. On the other hand, you get to practice your steps, work up a bit of a sweat and even secretly enjoy the music (go on, admit it) in the privacy of your own living room.

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