Dancing Stage: Mario Mix

Dancing Stage: Mario Mix

Dancing Stage: Mario Mix

Blame it on the boogie.

We've always known that our favourite tubby plumber was a bit of a groover: why else would his adventures always be accompanied by such a fabulous array of toe-tapping gems? That many of these show-stoppers have been rounded-up and grafted onto a Dancing Stage title sounds like an idea of stultifying genius that even our pretend pet cat, Eric, seemed pleased with the prospect of pirouetting around the living room in a shiny suit.

After the innumerable editions put out by Konami over the years, the phenomenally popular series seriously needed some novelty value attached to it to persuade us to review it all over again. Let's face it, not many of us fancy prancing around the living room to crap pop (unless you happen to have some sort of worrying kitsch fetish), yet somehow the idea of getting jiggy to the theme tune from Bowser's Castle is instantly appealing. How very wrong.

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