The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

Nto a cmoletpe dsisaetr.

Alright, hands up if you thought this would be awful. That looks like all of you. Let's continue.

Say what you like about The Da Vinci Code: that it was a hacked out book of religion-baiting hokum with enough bad prose to make even a six-year-old blush, or that it was a riveting thriller with an eye-opening tale of a centuries-old conspiracy of the church. It's tied up in one word: phenomenon. By some divine twist of popularity there'll shortly be enough copies of Dan Brown's novel in circulation to put a giant mosaic beard on the moon.

Suffice to say, with as many books as there are wobbly-legged tables in Eastern Europe, and Tom Hanks flying the flag in the movie adaptation, if you were ever going to make a game of said novel, you'd pretty much put every ounce of effort and investment into the quality of its design, wouldn't you? Well, in some bizarre alternate dimension to this one you would, sure, where capturing the maximum possible sales of a mass-market cultural trend would involve making the game look and play as good as it possibly can.

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